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Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia

Where Can I Buy A Republic Wireless Phone

That said, you will still be able to do all three wherever you have access to WiFi thanks to their awesome WiFi calling technology. Just set your phone to airplane mode and turn on WiFi to get started.

where can i buy a republic wireless phone


On December 6, 2017, Republic Wireless announced a new physical product called Relay. This screen-less device uses LTE and WiFi in order to allow communication between it, other relay devices and a companion smartphone app. It also contains a GPS tracker so that those with the companion app are able to know where the user of the device is. Relay became available for ordering May 2018 at the dedicated Relay website.

ZDNet gave the company a 9 out of 10 star review in November, 2013 saying "You are unlikely to find a phone as capable and priced as low as the Republic Wireless Moto X...the service offerings are fantastic." [28] Republic also received the Laptop Magazine Editor's Choice Award and was cited "one of the best bargains in wireless."[29]

A similar lack of adherence to standards is the use of a custom charging lead. I've been using a few phones which need a Type C cable, and that means carrying one with me. If I your kid takes a Relay to camp you better hope it doesn't go flat because no-one will have the right lead. I can understand why Republic Wireless might not want to have something as fiddly as micro USB but again there are solutions which fix that. The Emporia range of phones have micro-USB with a separate locator pin. But really the solution would be the commonyly adopted QI wireless charging stnadard.

2019 Update: My wife, daughter, and son have now been using Republic Wireless for five years! We started with three Moto G 1st Generation phones, each with the basic unlimited talk and text plan. Although the original Moto G phones kept working great, my family eventually wanted to upgrade phones (and I like to keep my family happy), so we now have a Moto G5S Plus, a Moto G6, and a Moto X4, all still on the basic Republic Wireless talk and text plan. Our original Moto G phones were on Republic's CDMA Sprint network, while our new Moto phones are on Republic's GSM T-Mobile network. Both Sprint and T-Mobile provide excellent coverage where we live in Southern California, and we also have excellent wifi coverage at home, school, and work. You might wonder why I'm not also on Republic Wireless. When my son became old enough a few years ago to need a smartphone, I gave him my Republic phone. I wasn't too crazy about adding a fourth monthly phone bill to our family budget, so I decided to become our family's "guinea pig" and try a "free" phone service. Keeping the service free (and working) can be more than a bit complicated. While I don't mind the challenge of maintaining the "free" service for myself, I wouldn't recommend it to most people. If you want simple, reasonably priced service, Republic Wireless is the way to go. When it comes to my wife and kids, I need something that is low maintenance, always works, and is reasonably priced. That's why my family is still on Republic Wireless, and why I still highly recommend them.

Comment by Benjamin Rodriguez on Monday, March 21, 2016 I have been with republic for a year now. I have two lines of service with the Moto g's. My average bill is $26 per month. That's $13 a line. I have the 1gb data plan on each phone, and I get a refund every month. I have gotten used to using data at home or when wifi is available. I still use data on occasion I live this service and recommend it. It takes discipline to learn how to use more wifi data, but in the end. $13 per line per month !!!! Love it .

Comment by MelissaV on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 Considering republic for my own 12 year old daughter but I had one quick question. Can you make phone calls on republic if you don't have a wifi signal and you don't have a plan with cellular data? My daughter doesn't have access to wifi at her school or when she is walking home but I want to be sure she can call or text us if we opted for the $15 plan with no cell data.

Comment by Mark Lewalski on Thursday, July 20, 2017 Quoting a previous post: "Comment by Benjamin Rodriguez on Monday, March 21, 2016 - I have been with republic for a year now. I have two lines of service with the Moto g's. My average bill is $26 per month. That's $13 a line. I have the 1gb data plan on each phone, and I get a refund every month."Do you know if this is true? I was thinking about getting the 1Gb plan but don't know if I will use all the cellular data. Do I get a refund for the unused amount? I haven't seen info about this on their website.

Comment by Gerry Kelly on Saturday, October 28, 2017 Is there a good connections when you travel north, New York, Pennsylvania, DC? My home is in Tennessee. When traveling will need wireless, I have wifi at home. I use cell phone very little, when not traveling. Please advise. Thank you.

It uses a combination of cellular networks and Wi-Fi calling, so it works everywhere, just like a cell phone. No internet access means it's safer than a phone, and the Relay is simple enough that even my 6-year-old can use it.

When Republic Wireless started out, it used Sprint's network and required that customers purchase phones straight from them. That all changed in 2016, which is why all the phones from Republic Wireless are now unlocked and run on the T-Mobile network. That can be good news in quite a few areas around the country, because there are places where T-Mobile's coverage is superior to Sprint's. It's still a good idea to look at the Republic Wireless coverage map before making the switch, though.

Republic Wireless is known for its customer support as this table shows. They've got an innovative model where expert customers respond to queries. There's also a comprehensive online help center full of resources to deal with any hitches or hurdles. So you have a great shot at fixing any issues yourself. If none of the above solves your issue, you can write them at

ArubaLou:Using the phone overseas (to call the US) is identical to using it to call while here in the US. No messing with dialing the US country code because your RW phone is technically a US number no matter where you go.

Does republic wireless have a plan/phone that you know of that can block it (at least pic messages)? We would love to switch to an even cheaper plan, plus right now were not in a contract. We would really need unlimited talk/text though, as our phones are both personal and business use. Thanks!

Thanks for this post Jim.While Verizon has excellent coverage , i do not want to pay such exuberant prices. I have been looking at republic too. MMM recommends it as well. How do you find the republic wireless coverage when you travel outside of your city and their customer care in general. Thanks for an excellent post 041b061a72




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