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Gssc 同窓会グループ

Roshani Champika
Roshani Champika

Scp Containment Breach Keypad Code

SCP Containment Breach Keypad Code

SCP Containment Breach is a horror video game based on the SCP Foundation, a fictional organization that contains and studies anomalous entities and phenomena. The game follows a Class-D personnel who tries to escape from a facility that has undergone a containment breach, while being pursued by various SCPs and hostile agents.

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One of the challenges that the player faces in the game is finding the correct keypad codes to access certain doors and areas. Some of these codes are fixed, while others are randomly generated or hidden in documents and notes. Here are some of the known keypad codes and how to find them:

  • Dr. Harp's office (7816): This code is always the same and can be found on a note in SCP-012's containment chamber. Dr. Harp's office contains some useful items, such as a level 3 keycard, a gas mask, a radio, and a medkit.

  • Dr. Maynard's office (random): This code is randomly generated and can be found on a scorched note in SCP-106's pocket dimension or by listening to the noises produced by an upgraded radio. Dr. Maynard's office contains a level 5 keycard, which can open almost any door in the game.

  • Maintenance tunnels (random): This code is randomly generated and can be found on a leaflet in SCP-372's containment chamber. The maintenance tunnels lead to the entrance zone, where the player can find an exit gate.

  • Checkpoint (ABCD): This code is not actually a code, but a placeholder that indicates that the door cannot be opened by normal means. The only way to bypass this door is by using SCP-860, a blue key that opens a portal to a forest dimension. The portal can be found in a room near the checkpoint.

  • Dr. Bright's office (6969): This code is a joke and does not actually open any door. Dr. Bright is a recurring character in the SCP Foundation lore, known for his eccentric and often reckless behavior. His office does not exist in the game, but there is a note referencing it in SCP-914's containment chamber.

These are some of the keypad codes that can be found in SCP Containment Breach. However, there may be more codes that are hidden or undiscovered by the players. The game is constantly updated and expanded by the developers and the community, so new codes may be added or changed in future versions.

For more information about SCP Containment Breach, you can visit its official website or its wiki. You can also watch gameplay videos and tutorials on YouTube or Twitch. If you are interested in the SCP Foundation and its lore, you can check out its website or its subreddit. Be warned, though, some of the content may be disturbing or frightening for some viewers.




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