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Roshani Champika
Roshani Champika

Mitran Di Chatri Hd 1080p

Mitran Di Chatri HD 1080p

Mitran Di Chatri is a popular Punjabi song by Babbu Maan, released in 2005 as part of his album Pyaas. The song is a romantic and upbeat track that features Babbu Maan singing about his love for a girl who is like a shelter for him. The song has been a hit among Punjabi music lovers and has been remixed and covered by many artists over the years.

In this article, we will explore some of the best videos of Mitran Di Chatri in HD 1080p quality that you can watch online. These videos showcase the song in different styles and formats, such as dance, vertical, and official. We will also provide some background information and trivia about the song and the singer.


Best Videos of Mitran Di Chatri HD 1080p

  • : This video features Nitin's World, a dance group from New Delhi, performing a bhangra routine to Mitran Di Chatri. The video is shot in vertical format, which makes it suitable for mobile viewing. The dancers showcase their energy and skills as they groove to the song in various locations.

  • : This is the official video of the song, released by T-Series Apna Punjab on YouTube. The video features Babbu Maan and a female model as the lead pair, who are seen romancing and dancing in various settings, such as a farm, a beach, and a club. The video also has some scenes of Babbu Maan performing live on stage.

  • : This is another version of the official video, uploaded by a user on Dailymotion. The video quality is slightly lower than the YouTube version, but it still offers a clear and crisp view of the song. The video has over 4 million views on Dailymotion.

Background and Trivia

Here are some interesting facts about Mitran Di Chatri and Babbu Maan:

  • Mitran Di Chatri means "friend's umbrella" in Punjabi. The song is about how the singer's love interest is like an umbrella for him, protecting him from the sun and rain.

  • Babbu Maan is one of the most popular and influential Punjabi singers of all time. He is known for his versatile and unique style of singing, writing, composing, and acting. He has won several awards and honors for his work, including four World Music Awards.

  • Babbu Maan is also an actor and has starred in several Punjabi films, such as Hawayein, Hashar, Ekam, Hero Hitler in Love, and Baaz. He often plays the role of a rebel or a social activist in his movies.

  • Babbu Maan is also a philanthropist and supports various causes, such as education, environment, health, and animal welfare. He has his own charity foundation called One Hope One Chance.


Mitran Di Chatri is a classic Punjabi song that has stood the test of time and remains popular among music lovers. The song showcases Babbu Maan's talent and charisma as a singer and performer. The videos of the song in HD 1080p quality offer a great way to enjoy the song in high definition. We hope you liked this article and learned something new about Mitran Di Chatri and Babbu Maan.




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