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Jack Brooks
Jack Brooks

Where To Buy Petite Maternity Clothes

I find that fitted dresses are great for casual and running around with my daughter but for a workplace environment, they may not be the most appropriate. LOFT has a lot of great comfortable and professional looking pieces for maternity that come in petite sizing so you can be comfortable and stylish at work.

where to buy petite maternity clothes

No one wants to spend their pregnancy feeling frumpy. The good news is where to buy petite maternity clothes has become a much easier search. And you can get your shopping cart filled with petite maternity clothes by starting with this list of thoughtful brands.

When I was shopping for petite maternity dresses, I have found most of the maternity shops were either oversized or overpriced. If you are petite and skinny, you may not show any of your baby bump until the midterm (i.e. 5 months and sometimes even later), so you really only need 5 months of petite maternity clothes for the rest of your pregnancy. Now, if you are due in winter, then the petite maternity dresses would only last you a couple of months before you need to switch to winter layers.

Since I am a value shopper, I was not going to splurge on the designer labels of petite maternity dresses. I have found the following places with reasonable prices and their quality was fine. Their selection is good enough to have all the maternity clothing I needed in addition to petite maternity dresses. Some of them are also on our list of best petite brands where you can shop other petite clothes.

If you are petite, I am sure you are familiar with the petite line of Loft. Loft is the more affordable sister line of Ann Taylor, and their casual and work clothing both have petites. In their maternity section you can find a variety of petite maternity dresses at reasonable prices. They also have a good selection of maternity jeans, maternity slim pants, chino pants and stylish maternity leggings in faux leather paneled ponte.

Their price range is similar to the other items of Loft. A pair of petite maternity pants are usually around $79, and their petite maternity dresses are around $60. For under $100, you can get a couple of essentials that will last you through the critical months of pregnancy. The best part is they have regular promotions and even bigger sales around holidays, so get ready to jump on those deals and score amazing finds at unbelievably low prices during those times.

They carry a wide selection of petite maternity clothing from petite maternity dresses, sweaters to pants/jeans as well as coats. If your budget is under $100, you will find a good selection of petite maternity dresses range from $39 to $79, and sometimes even lower if they are on sales. I have found some of their regular sized maternity dresses fit me just fine, as long as the length was ok for me.

The best part is they also have brick-and-motor stores where you could try on everything and see if they actually fit before you purchase. That is a fantastic news for us petite women who are always struggling to find retail stores that carry our petite sizes and the only solution is to go online. If you do feel like to splurge a little once in a while, they do have designer maternity jeans with a much higher price tag.

Women start to show at different times of their pregnancies, especially with second or third babies, so it all depends on your own experience. However, you may find that for the first three months, you can still wear most of your usual clothes, while you may opt for looser-fitting pieces to stay as comfortable as possible. Stores such as H&M also sell waistband extenders which you can add to regular and maternity pants. 041b061a72




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