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Jack Brooks
Jack Brooks

Srimanthudu 2015 Hindi Dubbed 76

he tries to win her over with money and power. this goes on for a long time and, at last, she eventually relents. he admits defeat and they get married. people of the village hold him in high regard because of his love for his home town. unfortunately, he passes away in his sleep, leaving behind his well-being to his family who are not as understanding as he was. its an exciting story of an extraordinary individual with a strong will. the film traces the joys and struggles of this able young man, who moves beyond his financial capital and educates himself to reach his original goal and reach the village people.

Srimanthudu 2015 Hindi Dubbed 76

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all the beautiful, misty scenes of the town was nicely complemented by the incredible and beautiful shots of the scenic location and kolar. its an inspiring story of a lone person with great determination. he stays amongst the village people for almost twenty years and owns their hearts and trust. the powerful songs by d.imman were a delight to listen to. and, the catchy rock tunes of k.k gives a wonderful feel. an unbelievable a.r rahman composition of the film is his best works till date. the film is flawless both in terms of story and music, and equally perfect in terms of cinematography, which makes it the best film in the recent times.

the film is well-scripted, and so, the most of the pieces falls in place smoothly. the director has successfully handled the emotions of the family members; together they come to terms with the demise of the boy with the quiet grace, while sravanthi naidu, as the woman with a mind of her own, is in love with the idea of a farmer, but is of the opinion that one cannot throw away their career for a mere farmer. mahesh babu is the real-life contemporary and the perfect fit for the character he is attempting to create.




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