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Jack Brooks
Jack Brooks

Cardinal 738 Indicator Manual !!INSTALL!!

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Cardinal 738 Indicator Manual

Do not chase the Mach indicator to make your ETA's good. Fly your cleared Mach Number and monitor your ETA progress. If you are off my three minutes or more, inform ATC. If you adjust your speed and the aircraft ahead or behind you do not, there could be a loss of longitudinal separation.

The point is to plot the aircraft's position after about ten minutes to ensure the next waypoint wasn't entered in error. If, for example, the flight plan download (or manual entry) entered the next waypoint as 51N 040W, one degree south of the clearance, it would look perfectly normal on the cockpit displays but plotting the position would alert the crew that something is amiss, as shown on the figure. Don't think this is possible? Modern G550's continue to get caught in just this type of Gross Navigational Error.

Always remember that I am just a pilot. I try to give you the facts from the source materials but maybe I got it wrong, maybe I'm out of date. Sure, I warn you when I am giving you my personal techniques, but you should always follow your primary guidance (aircraft manuals, government regulations, etc.) before listening to me.




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