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Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia

First Kill(2017)

Wall Street broker Will Beeman (Hayden Christensen) has been struggling with being present for his wife Laura (Megan Leonard) and son Danny (Ty Shelton). Shortly after hearing of Danny being bullied at school, Will decides to take his family to his hometown, Granville, Ohio to bond with Danny. Upon entering Granville, Will is reacquainted with Police Chief Marvin Howell (Bruce Willis), a family friend who knew Will's father and at one point dated his aunt, Dottie (Deb G. Girdler). Howell advises Will on taking precaution after informing him of a recent bank robbery where a couple of million dollars was stolen. While teaching Danny how to hunt with a rifle, Will and Danny witness a heated exchange between two men, one of them holding the other at gunpoint, inquiring after money drop-off not going according to plan. The unarmed man (Gethin Anthony) is shot in the shoulder after throwing a key near Will's position at a shooting station; Danny's shocked gasp at the shooting attracts the gunman's attention. The gunman opens fire on Will's location, prompting Will, fearing for his son's safety, to shoot him with his hunting rifle in self-defense. Upon inspecting the dead gunman, he's surprised to discover a concealed badge and that the gunman was a police officer who failed to identify himself. Distraught, Will brings the wounded man to the family cabin for Laura, a surgeon, to provide first aid and hopefully save the only other witness to the proceedings.

First Kill(2017)

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I dunno Ryan, the most recent installment of Die Hard was getting up there with the B class train. Full of catch phrases peppered too much through a not so great script. I agree its a shame though, the first few were amazing.

In the end, First Kill is not the first kill of Danny or his dad Will. One positive thing about this movie can be the performance of the bank robber played by Gethin Anthony, while the acting of Hayden Christensen is decent.

Lionsgate debuted the first trailer today, along with the poster which features both Hayden Christensen and Bruce Willis. In order to reconnect with his son Danny (Ty Shelton), big shot Wall Street broker Will (Hayden Christensen) takes his family on a hunting trip to the cabin where he grew up. While out hunting with Danny, the trip takes a deadly turn when they stumble upon several robbers and witness the murder of one of the criminals.

This action thriller also marks the fourth collaboration between director Steven C. Miller and producers Randall Emmett and George Furla. They first started working together on 2015's Extraction, which starred Bruce Willis and Kellan Lutz, before reuniting with last year's Marauders, with Bruce Willis, Dave Bautista and Christopher Meloni, and this year's Arsenal, starring Nicolas Cage, John Cusack and Adrien Grenier. They are also also producing the director's next two films, Escape Plan 2: Hades, which is currently in post-production, and Escape Plan 3, which has already been given the green light, with Sylvester Stallone returning to star.

Bruce Willis will next be seen in Once Upon a Time in Venice, which hits theaters next weekend and reunites the actor with Cop Out writers Mark Cullen and Robb Cullen, who also direct. He also stars as Paul Kersey in director Eli Roth's Death Wish remake, which doesn't have a release date at this time, but is expected to arrive in theaters at some point this year. He will also return to the Unbreakable universe with director M. Night Shyamalan for a new film entitled Glass, which is a follow-up to both Unbreakable and this year's hit thriller Split, where the actor made a surprise cameo during a post-credit sequence. Take a look at the first trailer and poster for First Kill below.

Low-budget action movies don't have to be dull or uninspired, but this one sure is. The actors phone in their performances, playing characters who are blandly unaffected in any way by the silly plot. In First Kill, poor Willis is stuck in a supporting role as a cop with so little motivation it's laughable. But Christensen might have it even worse, giving an overcooked performance as an unlikable dad. When we first see him, he's yelling at someone on the phone, and then his idea to solve his son's bully problem is to "toughen him up," a troubling theme that's never resolved.

"Let go of my son right now!" Lionsgate Premiere has unveiled the first trailer for an action thriller titled First Kill, from director Steven C. Miller, of the films Marauders and Arsenal most recently. It looks like Hayden Christensen is back! First time we've seen him in years, also in the trailer for Numb, at the Edge of the End from last week. Christensen stars as a Wall Street broker who ends up with his family in the small town where he grew up. When they witness a murder, the criminals take his son hostage, and he must help them get free in order to save his family. Bruce Willis stars as the local police chief, and the cast includes Ty Shelton, Gethin Anthony, Megan Leonard, & William DeMeo. This looks forgettable, if you ask me.

First Kill is the first film of note to be directed by Calderon with his previous sole editing work being mainly in television, although he has assisted in his fair share of blockbusters such as Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990), The Flintstones (1994) and more recently Captain America: The First Avenger (2011).

The strike was believed to be the U.S. military's first air-to-air kill involving manned aircraft in nearly two decades. The last known such instance was when a U.S. Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon shot down a Serbian MiG-29 in 1999 during the Kosovo campaign.

The last air-to-air kill for the F/A-18 was during the Gulf War when two F/A-18s shot down two Iraqi MiG-21s during a brief dogfight. The kill over Syria, however, is believed to be the first air-to-air kill for the E model. 041b061a72




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