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Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia

Download Islamic Design Greeting Card Background Template Zip

Bored of the same old wedding templates with plain backgrounds? Here we are proffering you the best way to beautify not only your weddings but also the wedding invitation cards. With the elegant floral designs and colored backgrounds with different colors, the templates give you several choices. We feature golden, creative, Hindu, Arabic, Islamic, luxury, civil, and other simple invitation designs. There are even templates you can use on social media apps, such as WhatsApp. You can easily download from our wide range of templates of various sizes. All are available in PDF, PDS, and DOC formats too.

Download islamic design greeting card background template zip


Set of 3 luxury white and blue designs for Eid Mubarak. Create wonderful background, posters, social media posts and much more with these amazing graphic vectors. For personal use.Free for download.File format: .eps for Photosho, Illustrator or other software.File size: 22 Mb

Customize your next company report or proposal with the help of this simple template. The overall design is professional and clean, especially the ocean-blue background which can easily stand out your presentation contents.

White, grey and black background in combination with pomegranate red details to add a splash of color. Perfectly balanced between masculine and feminine design of this template makes it distinctive from others.

A mix of white and navy blue background, a side element and an innovative structure. This template is designed for those wanting to present images alongside infographics and text in a stylish and elegant way.

Sometimes, less is more. The monochromatic of grey tone in this template adds coziness and softness to its overall design. Along with black wordings and white background, this template achieves grand harmonious.

This business proposal template alternates between blue, white and grey backgrounds. It still manages to maintain consistency in its overall design. The template comes with paragraph and character styles, master pages, tables graphical elements, and much more.

This annual 2022 calendar template is available in horizontal format. You can download and edit it free of cost in word, spreadsheet, or pdf format using the online calendar designer tool.CustomizeDownload 041b061a72




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