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Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia

AutoCAD 2010 Instructor: A Student Guide To Com... ((LINK))

AutoCAD 2010 Tutorial - First Level: 2D Fundamentals contains a series of eleven tutorial style lessons designed to introduce students to AutoCAD 2010. The new improvements and key enhancements of the software are incorporated into the lessons. Students will learn to use the AutoCAD Heads-up DesignTM interface, which means the students will learn to focus on the design, not on the keyboard. This book also includes a multimedia DVD with video presentations of the tutorial exercises found in the text!

AutoCAD 2010 Instructor: A Student Guide to Com...

The content of AutoCAD 2010 Tutorial - First Level: 2D Fundamentals covers the performance tasks that have been identified by Autodesk as being included on the AutoCAD 2010 Certified Associate Examination. Special reference guides show students where the performance tasks are covered in the book.

If you are teaching an introductory level AutoCAD course and you want to prepare your students for the AutoCAD 2010 Certified Associate Examination this is the only book that you need. If your students are not interested in the AutoCAD 2010 Certified Associate Examination you will know that your students will be studying the performance tasks that have been identified by Autodesk as important enough to include on the certification examination.

This beautiful full-color Official Training Guide from Autodesk is the perfect resource for architects, engineers, designers, and students who need a thorough guide to AutoCAD. With training provided by experts who helped create the software, the book thoroughly covers AutoCAD principles and fundamentals, including 2D drawing, design, drafting, annotations, hatching, and more. And it's packed with screen shots and real-world examples that both instruct and inspire. Practical for both self-paced learners and instructor-led study, this guide also provides essential AutoCAD certification preparation.

The information in these pathways is not intended to cover every occupation within the advanced manufacturing industry in Iowa. Rather, it is intended to provide the student, job-seeker, parent, educator, and others with a high-level view of common positions within each occupation family. Information has been averaged to help guide the reader in evaluating which of these jobs are of interest and worthy of further research through the online Future Ready Iowa Career Coach tool, which allows readers to customize labor, salary, education, and other information based on their specific location within the state. Additional recommendations for next steps and a career exploration action plan are included at the end of the document.

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