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Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia

A Wednesday Full Movie 1080p Kickass

But that doesnt have to make the film horrible. There is some really good stuff in it. Kick-Ass is still in Kick-Ass 2, but he literally spends most of the movie sitting in a bathtub, having a conversation that quickly becomes about suicide because hes been depressed. Can I still call him a superhero? He spends the vast majority of the movie just sitting on a couch, smoking and drinking. Thats a superhero. Theres a lot of talk about how much The Mother Fucker hates superheroes and especially superheroes from white trash areas. You know that? Everyone does! And he takes that out on Kick-Ass by making him follow The Mother Fucker around because hes not from a superhero-friendly community. Even tho he states that he doesnt care if The Mother Fucker dies in Kick-Ass 2, The Mother Fucker knocks out Kick-Ass anyway and then whacks him in the head with a baseball bat. Yeah, hes a racist dick. (Or in his head, at least) Also, Kick-Ass has to screw up a whole car heists because hes so incompetent, but it doesnt matter because the film loses interest in him.

A Wednesday Full Movie 1080p Kickass

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Now thats just my opinion, but there are other people who like this movie quite a bit. Theyve said all that stuff I just didnt. There are other fans in the audience who really liked how the film treated its "real life" characters. This isnt a film about people who beat up criminals and save the world. Its about normal people. It has a bunch of drug dealers and gangsters, and other criminals who want to be rich and powerful. Its not really about superheroes, but about regular people who are in the wrong place at the wrong time and then decide to fight the good fight. (Or about them becoming superheroes.)




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