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Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia

Epson B510dn Adjustment Program.rar

wireless printers are becoming extremely popular these days. apart from the fact that they are more convenient than traditional usb based printers, they are also much more economical, as they work through a wireless connection rather than through usb ports. even in case you need to work from a mobile device such as iphone or an android, wireless printers make the job much easier, as you can work freely without needing to connect your device to a separate power supply. here are some very easy to follow instructions on how to connect an epson printer to a wireless network.

Epson B510dn Adjustment Program.rar

the first step to connecting your printer to wi-fi is to set up the wi-fi printer name on your wi-fi router. for this follow the instructions provided in your router manufacturers user manual. in case you are using a third party router use the instruction manual provided by the vendor of your router.

if you are using a third party router then you may not be able to find the router configuration page. in that case you can look up for the ip address of your router by using a search engine. enter the ip address of your router into the browser and if it takes you to the home page then you are good to go. if on the other hand you are using a wireless router then you will have to open the routers configuration page through your web browser.

you should have already created a home network using your wireless router. if not then follow the provided instructions for the network setup. its important that you choose the correct network name and password for the network. make sure that you do not use a common word like wi-fi as it would connect to any network and also hide your network from other users. you may have entered the right settings if there is a green light on the routers led.




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