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Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia

Encyclopedia Of World Religions: Judaism, Chris...

Oxford Reference OnlineContains online versions of dictionaries and encyclopedias previously published in paper by Oxford University Press. The database contains works on these topics: Bible, peoples and places of the Bible, Buddhism, Byzantium, Christian Church, Hinduism, Islam, Jewish religion, the Middle Ages, Popes, the Reformation, Saints, and world religions. Once in the resource, click on the Subject tab at top left. Then choose Religion. One can search within these results as a whole in a box near top left by the orange question mark. Or one can look through the 31 reference resources available here and choose to search within a particular reference work in this discipline.

Encyclopedia of World Religions: Judaism, Chris...

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Provides information on the theological doctrine of eschatology (the last things) and apocalyptic literature, the literary narrative of that doctrine. Signed entries by international scholars describe the role of apocalyptic literature in the world's major religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism. Also has entries on related historical subjects. Has entries related to apocalypticism in literature, film, and the arts. Biographical entries.

The general religion encyclopedias provide a large overview of religion in general. You'll be able to see general trends about things like what is taught about the afterlife and overviews of the world's major (and some not as major) religions.

The first major update of Mircea Eliade's classic Encyclopedia of Religion (1987), this resource is widely regarded as the standard reference work in English in the field of religious studies. The encyclopedia covers almost all topics on the world's religions including Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Taoism, new religious movements, ethics, feminist theology, ecology and religion, gender and religion, politics and religion, science and religion, art and religion, and film and religion. 041b061a72




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