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Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia

Goldfrapp Felt Mountain Special Edition 2001

goldfrapp and arthur russell on the making of their collaboration, shaved fish: arthur called me last year, we met in person shortly after that and i can remember he said, when i hear your music i just see a shaved fish. so, for the last three years, ive been thinking about shaving the fish. so, we knew where the journey would take us, which would be a long time, and when we started it i was excited to see how a particular kind of danger would manifest itself. shaved fish, if you get hurt, youll bleed inside your head. it takes a long time to get out, and in the meanwhile, youre completely cut off and isolated from the world around you. through the music, you eventually return to the senses, but you return with the sharpest of senses. so, it gave us a really exciting place to go, and we had a lot of fun with that.

Goldfrapp Felt Mountain Special Edition 2001

goldfrapp: i do remember alison saying, i know whats happening, but i have no idea why, and i was looking at it and thinking why this? it wasnt anything we both agreed on. we had a good 10 years together. we arent really inclined to working together anymore, so this was something i was very proud to be a part of. its very hard to find songs that have a purpose or a reason, but the attachments has a purpose that is very clear. with the way we work on things, the ideas usually just fall into place. the idea that i get to see one of my own songs played in another context, or as a movie soundtrack, ive been very involved in and i love the fact that it came out of our work, and it was a unique arrangement that ive not heard before or since.

st. vincent de paul, french rock and electronic musician, known for a collaboration with brian eno on no pussyfooting (1992), and as a member of the noisettes. quotes by: michael j. dean and martyn bates.




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