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Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia

Facefilter Studio 3 13

You may not have a studio setup for live streaming. Or you may be using remote production for your content. Streamers invest in a live production studio with eye-catching backgrounds that appeal to the general public. Live broadcasters are under pressure to have attractive, well-kept backgrounds. You can give your broadcasts a little gloss using Snap Camera filters without spending much on a setup or backgrounds.

facefilter studio 3 13

These laptops are available with 14,15,16 and 17-inch displays. The laptops are favored by magnesium-aluminum alloy bodies to give a thin and lightweight design. The 14-inch version has a vapor chamber thermal design while the stealth 16 comes with a trilateral Dynaudio 6 speaker sound system. The 14/16/17 are Nvidia studio validated and aim to please content creators. Stealth 15 comes with an OLED panel, 240Hz refresh rate, and 100% DCI P3 color gamut.

The Creator series comes with a new design and better performance. They come with 13th Gen Intel processors and have been certified by Nvidia studio. It has a vapor chamber cooler thermal design and is one of the most powerful on the market.

The more light I could throw at the scene, the better quality I got, particularly in terms of detail. That meant turning my video lights up to 65 percent intensity, which is bright enough to make me squint and feel like I'm in a studio. I have a hard time believing most people would create a setup like this for calling into meetings at work.

NVIDIA Broadcast transforms any room into a home studio, upgrading standard webcams and microphones into premium, smart devices through the power of AI. Improve the video and audio quality of your livestream through AI capabilities such as microphone noise and room echo removal, virtual background, webcam auto frame, and video noise removal. With dedicated AI processors called Tensor Cores on NVIDIA RTX GPUs, the AI networks are able to run high-quality effects in real-time.




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