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Jack Brooks
Jack Brooks

Herb Spice Companion : The Complete Guide To ...

With global herbs, spice and seasonings now widely available, cooking has never been more varied. Add exciting and exotic new flavours to your cooking with flair and creativity with this practical reference book. If you don't know your wasabi from your epazote this is the guide for you.

Herb spice companion : the complete guide to ...

With directions on how to choose, use, store and grow over 200 world herbs and spices, and over 100 recipes for blends, spice rubs and flavour-packed sauces this is the comprehensive reference for cooks of any skill level. This updated edition comes with 25 brand new recipes, plus a completely updated guide to include all international herbs and spices available now.

In a class all their own, herbs are versatile not only to grow but also in ways to use them. Our culinary dishes would be pretty dull without herbs to spice things up. Learning the properties of this food group will make it easier to prepare and use these additions in tantalizing ways. 041b061a72




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