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Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia

ERD 7.0 Final ISO X86

October 26, 2022: Total Commander 10.52 final (32+64 bit) for Windows available December 15, 2021: Total Commander not affected by vulnerability in log4j June 24, 2021: Total Commander 3.23 final for Android released October 13, 2019: Secure FTP client (FTP over SSL/TLS) broken by recent Windows update

ERD 7.0 final ISO x86

Been having a hell of a day trying to get W7P installed on an older Thinkpad. It had been downgraded to Windows 10, and this was causing too many headaches. Your write-up above was brilliant; now doing the final bits of Windows updates and other drivers. Thank you again!

NIST releases USGCB candidates for a 30-day public comment. During this time, NIST collects and consolidates public comments and submits them to the TIS for consideration. If changes from the original settings are required, NIST posts the final candidate USGCB settings for an additional 30-day public comment period.

What works best will vary from one organization to the next. The VHDs are very useful because they already have the USGCB settings applied and you can begin testing quickly. Additionally, by keeping the original VHDs you downloaded from NIST pristine and creating copies of it for actual testing you can quickly reconstitute your test environment for each round of testing. You can also use Virtual PCs undo disks to make it easier to revert to an earlier version of your VHD. However, when you need to deploy the USGCB settings into production the VHDs won't be very useful, as there is no documented method for creating domain-based group policies from the local configuration on these stand-alone computers. On the other hand, the GPOs can be copied into whatever Active Directory test domain you already have established, and when testing is complete you can use the Group Policy Management Console to backup the final GPOs. Then you can copy these backed up files into your production environment and import them into your production Active Directory domain. Some SCAP-validated tools may also be able to enforce the mandated settings, check with the tool vendors to determine the capabilities of their tools.USGCB Agency Testing

One final note: If more than one of the GPO backups include Advanced Audit Policy settings only the latest one will apply. This is due to the way that Advanced Audit Policies work when applied locally. This should not be an issue with the FDCC GPO backups due to the fact that only one contains audit policy settings for each version of Windows. 350c69d7ab




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