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Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia

Sex Chess [Final]

It's not often that the mainstream world of sports shines the spotlight on chess, but allegations of a cheating scandal captivated the attention of many. There is currently a $100,000,000 lawsuit in play, two amended complaints and no end in sight yet.

Sex Chess [Final]


The world took notice on Sept. 19, when Magnus Carlsen -- world No. 1 and the World Chess Champion since 2013 -- resigned unexpectedly while playing against Hans Niemann in the sixth round of the Julius Baer Generation Cup. After a week of silence, he finally explained his reason.

That was in reference to Niemann admitting publicly to having cheated twice earlier in his career. However, -- the largest online chess platform in the world -- has been investigating Niemann, and it came up with a 72-page report claiming he likely received illegal assistance in more than 100 online games.

Name-dropping Dlugy was an interesting decision, as Dugly was suspended from in 2017 and 2020 after being suspected of cheating. On Sept. 28, Vice published an article regarding emails in which Dlugy admits to cheating and explains that one of his students used a chess AI to feed him moves.

Grandmaster and online streamer Hikaru Nakamura theorized that the reason Carlsen withdrew was because he suspected Niemann of cheating. Nakamura even shared a clip of Canadian grandmaster Eric Hansen saying he removed Niemann from chess events he hosted due to cheating suspicions. Meanwhile, also believed Niemann might not be an honest player and banned him from the site.

Niemann admitted he has cheated twice through his chess career, once when he was 12 years old and again at the age of 16. That second time, he explained, was because he was looking to enhance his ranking to play stronger opponents. Niemann said cheating was the biggest regret of his career but he learned from it and that he would never cheat in a tournament with prize money.

"I'm not going to let, I'm not going to let Magnus Carlsen, I'm not going to let Hikaru Nakamura -- the three arguably biggest entities in chess -- simply slander my reputation," Niemann said.

"First of all, we strongly believe that the World Champion has a moral responsibility attached to his status, since he is viewed as a global ambassador of the game," wrote FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich. "His actions impact the reputation of his colleagues, sportive results, and eventually can be damaging to our game. We strongly believe that there were better ways to handle this situation. At the same time, we share his deep concerns about the damage that cheating brings to chess."

"We must do something about cheating, and for my part going forward, I don't want to play against people that have cheated repeatedly in the past, because I don't know what they are capable of doing in the future," Carlsen said. "There is more that I would like to say. Unfortunately, at this time I am limited in what I can say without explicit permission from Niemann to speak openly. So far I have only been able to speak with my actions, and those actions have stated clearly that I am not willing to play chess with Niemann. I hope that the truth on this matter comes out, whatever it may be."

The 44-page document listed Magnus, Nakamura, and Rensch as defendants because they put him in "the center of what is now widely reported as the single biggest chess scandal in history." Niemann is seeking $100,000,000 in damages.

Mr Rensch wrote: The last few days have been tumultuous for many in the chess community. At this time, we have reached out to Hans Niemann to explain our decision to privately remove him from and our events.

Nineteen-year-old Hans Niemann pulled off a major upset by defeating Norwegian grandmaster Magnus Carlsen, 31, at the Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis on Sept. 4, and the win has prompted some bizarre theories in the chess world.

Players could use vibration-based buttons placed in their shoes to communicate with a chess engine hidden somewhere in their clothing to gain outside advice on what moves to play, VICE reported. The computer systems predict game outcomes and provide recommendations on how to win.

Carlsen is a five-time chess grand champion and was made famous for being a chess phenom since the age of 13, according to The Riverfront times, which adds that a documentary film centered on him titled \"Magnus\" helped the chess player's fam spread from just the typical chess enthusiast audience. Following his loss to Niemann, Carlsen shockingly withdrew from the tournament.

It's such a peculiar, if not just bizarrely vulgar, accusation that it has escaped the usual chess enthusiast circle to become a widespread internet rumor and meme. Billionaire Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk even joked about the accusations but has since deleted his tweet. However, the tweet Musk was quote tweeting remains up.

And, as the New York Times reported, though many accused Niemann of cheating, no one provided \"concrete evidence.\" However, it does appear that Niemann was previously banned from online chess websites for cheating when he was 12 years old, something he doesn't deny.

Costa Rican-American Ramirez was a grandmaster at just 15, the first Central American to achieve the title. Last year, he tied for first place at the 2022 US Masters. He also coaches the Saint Louis University chess team.

In response to his suggestion, the adult webcam site Stripchat decided to score some free publicity by (ahem) inserting themselves into the story and offering Niemann $1 million to play chess completely nude on their site to prove that his innocence, Vice reported.

Before you say anything: yes, this is beneath us. But news is news, and this ongoing chess drama demands to be unpacked. And so it's with great regret that we break down why, exactly, Elon Musk accused a young chess player of using vibrating, remote-controlled anal beads to beat the game's current No. 1 star.

The sex toy was alleged to be controlled by someone other than Niemann and signaled to vibrate when a particular move should or should not be made. And just like that, the world of competitive chess and sex toys meet.

Carlsen really must have been demoralized, though, since the day after his loss to Niemann, he dropped out of the Sinquefield Cup. To put that into perspective, this is the first time this chess juggernaut has withdrawn from any tournament.

American chess grandmaster Hans Niemann was subjected to strict checking at the US Chess Championships in St Louis amid allegations that he cheated using a sex toy during his match against world champions Magnus Carlsen. Niemann had to undergo more extensive checking at the tournament compared to the other players.

While the security officer spent more time inspecting Niemann when compared to the other players, it was also noticed that the two players who were scanned before the American grandmaster, were only inspected from their fronts. The video soon went viral on social media and became a talking point among chess enthusiasts.

Niemann was subjected to a thorough check at the competition as he has been accused of being a serial cheater by world champion Carlsen. The Norweigan, who is regarded as one of the greatest chess players of all time, had recently pulled out of a game against Niemann after making just one move before accusing him of cheating. 041b061a72




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