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Jack Brooks
Jack Brooks

Rain Degre

This evening's outlook for Moline: Cloudy skies early will become partly cloudy later at night. Low 21F. Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph. Temperatures will be just above freezing in Moline tomorrow. It looks to reach a nippy 34 degrees. Tomorrow's forecasted low temperature is 28 degrees. We will see a mix of sun and clouds. Moline could see periods of brisk winds tomorrow, with forecast models showing 15 mph wind conditions coming up from the west. This report is created automatically with weather data provided by Stay in the know. Visit for local news and weather.

rain degre

For the drive home in Auburn: Cloudy with snow showers mainly during the evening. Low 29F. Winds light and variable. Chance of snow 60%. It will be a cold day in Auburn Saturday, with temperatures in the 30s. It looks like it will be a bitter 33 degrees. 25 degrees is tomorrow's low. Expect periods of sun and clouds. The Auburn area should see a light breeze, with forecast showing winds from the west, clocking in at 8 mph. This report is created automatically with weather data provided by For more daily forecast information, visit

I've been looking for a zero- or minus five-degree sleeping bag for use in early spring, but found that nobody makes any quality down bags for women. What's up with that? All Western Mountaineering bags are huge, while Feathered Friends makes only two women-specific bags, but they're rated only for 10 and 20 degrees. I just wonder, does the outdoor industry think that every outdoorsperson is some huge guy with wide shoulders and skinny hips? That has got to change! Anyways, for the problem at hand: I'm five-foot-six and on the lean side. What's a quality down bag that won't require me to expend extra energy in order to heat up excess room inside the bag? Jennifer San Diego, California

Oh Gear Oracle, I have a problem with a build-up of moisture within my mittens, not from rain or snow, but from my own perspiration. This is especially true during snowshoeing trips. I was wondering if there are any shells that have little or no insulation, allowing me to layer them inside and increase the breathability of the mitten. Dennis Portsmouth, New Hampshire

After straining our eyes for years (and believe me, the years have gotten to me) my wife and I have decided to consider a spotting scope for our field trips. I new to scopes and confused at to the benefits between a straight versus angled lens and as to what optical power is most beneficial for nature viewing. Can you recommend a few bombproof spotting scopes (we take our fair share of spills and falls on the trail) with quality optics to view and appreciate nature with. Mr. Magoo Galveston, Texas

I'm breaking in a new pair of La Sportiva TRK hiking boots. I have no problem on flat terrain or when hiking uphill, but on the descent my toes will start to hurt and crp up, especially where they meet the base of my boot. I have high arches, so could this be the cause? Or is this just normal with new boots? BJ Guilderland, New York

You have mentioned in the past that you are lukewarm on single-wall tents as in some circumstances they are neither as warm (winter) or as cool (summer) as double-wall tents, and prone to condensation issues. But you have also recommended the single-wall Bibler Ahwahnee, especially when weight is an important factor. I'm also curious if single-wall tents make a similar two-way compromise to that of modern membrane clothing—neither letting perspiration out perfectly nor keeping very heavy rain out perfectly. You have mentioned half of the clothing equation as an issue with single-wall tents. What about the second half—do they also leak in very heavy rain? Stephen Piper Alexandria, Virginia

I was out hiking in the west Texas desert a few months ago during a delicious spate of rainy summer weather. I was wearing a light pair of boots and found myself slipping and sliding all over the wet rocks. Crawling on my hands and knees over boulders is not my idea of fun, and it really ruined my week. I'm now in the market for a pair of light "day hikers," with soles that'll give me some traction on wet rock. Any suggestions? Paul San Antonio, Texas

I'm so confused by the different possibilities and terminology when it comes to rain jackets for biking. I bought a "waterproof" one, but it wasn't and I got soaked. I bought another and sweated so much that I wished I had the previous jacket. What's a good lightweight jacket for cycling that will keep me dry in moderate rainstorms? Mary Itasca, Illinois

How do you clean and wash boots? I have a pair of Asolo Cerro Torre's, and they are fairly light boots, but after a trip in the Never Summer Wilderness with lots of rain and mud, they feel heavy. The dried mud adds up, I guess. How can I make them light again? Thanks. Josh Wheeler Denver; CO

After a cold Tuesday, temperatures look to get even colder for Tuesday night across Central and Southern Illinois. Low temperatures will be no warmer than 10 degrees and will fall below zero in spots. While there won't be much wind, there will be just enough to cause "feels like" temperatures to range from zero to near minus 20 in a few locations. While the worst of the cold is expected during the overnight hours, wind chills may not rise above zero until the afternoon Wednesday in the coldest locations.

Tonight's weather conditions in Marion: Partly cloudy. Low around 35F. Winds light and variable. Folks in the Marion area will see highs in the 60s tomorrow. It looks like it will be a pleasant 66 degrees. We'll see a low temperature of 45 degrees tomorrow. We will see a mix of sun and clouds. The Marion area should see a light breeze, with winds only reaching 6 miles per hour, coming from the south. This report is created automatically with weather data provided by Keep an eye on for forecast information and severe weather updates.

I hiked with my father and I'll always remember this hike as the last that I did in the mountains with my dad. We started at the final houses of Manzanares El Real (940 m) and walked to Collado de la Cueva (1.122 m) first. Then passed El Caracol and Risco del Ofertorio to the place (1.265 m) where Senda Maeso and Gran Cañada join. It was a nice meadow with a little stream so we were having lunch there. Suddenly it started to rain, so we put our rain clothes and began to descend on the same trail. We saw partridges and vultures so it was a nice short hike with good views to La Pedriza Anterior, Castillo de Manzanares and Embalse de Santillana.

Orangeburg temperatures will reach the 50's today. It looks like it will be a crisp 58 degrees. A 38-degree low is forecasted. Expect clear skies today. The area will see gentle winds today, with winds only reaching 8 miles per hour, coming from the West. This report is created automatically with weather data provided by For more daily forecast information, visit 041b061a72




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