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Jack Brooks
Jack Brooks

Bondage Ring Open Pussy

Another morning found Lucy and Claire again thrusting their enormous breasts through their cell door bars as the matron slid their uniforms under the bars. Lucy was relieved to find no plugs or gags today but Claire seemed more worried. The pussy strap today was different and the elastic connected to a thin metal ring from which more elastic ran to another metal ring and then finally more elastic. It did not take Lucy long to see that each of the two rings framed her two sensitive holes. Claire had done this before and once Lucy locked the front of the strap to her waist belt, Claire showed her how to insert each ring into her pussy and anus.

bondage ring open pussy

The rings seemed small but Lucy felt each force her widely open and present what should be always hidden. As Claire helped lock the strap to the back of her waist belt, Lucy looked down to see her labia lips puffed in a circle around the metal ring and knew her rear was also wide open. With this introduction, the ring gag was less of a surprise for Lucy as she placed it behind her teeth and stretched her jaw. Lucy wished she could bit down more but the cruel ring forced her mouth open. Lucy wondered if she would prefer to have dildos inside her instead as she imagined these rings were holding her open for something she would not enjoy. As Lucy helped Claire lock on her rings, she admired how vulnerable Claire was as she looked at Claire's open and stretched pussy framed by the brightly shining ring.

With their shackled hands, each girl helped the other adjust each other and ensure nipple rings and bells were centered and stockings level. They helped each other adjust their hair around their prison hats as they waited for the cell doors to open. Lucy wondered what her ringed pussy, anus, and mouth meant and gestured to her open pussy with a questioning look. Claire looked confused as Lucy moved her chained hands to point directly into her spread open pussy and then her ringed mouth and then towards Claire's ringed and open pussy. Claire seemed to understand and moved one of her fingers past Lucy's ring gag and rapidly in and then out of her mouth. Claire bend down and repeated this insertion of fingers through the ring holding open Lucy's pussy and Lucy felt invaded but realized she was forced open for anything from a finger to worse. Before Claire could make this move into Lucy's anus, the cell doors slid open and Lucy and Claire lined up in the hall. Soon they were were linked neck to neck with the other female prisoners as the chain gang moved forward with a clinking of chains, click of heels, and jingle of nipple bells.

Lucy's puzzlement caught the attention of a matron who slid a three inch by six inch viewing panel in one of these cell doors. Lucy at first saw nothing but blackness pierced by a rod extending from the center of the viewing window and straight back into the small cell. Then in an instant Lucy noticed a shining ring racing down the rod and straight towards the viewing window. As the ring approached, Lucy saw it was the same as that she was wearing around her own pussy. With horror, she realized what she thought was a rod was a long dildo that this poor prisoner was thrusting her pussy ring along.

Lucy could now make out the vulva of the prisoner inside the box as it rapidly approached the cold metal of the cell door and then clanged upon contact with the door itself. With this prisoner's entire pussy spread against the cell door, Lucy could no longer see the dildo as the girl has fully impaled herself against. But Lucy could see the flash of the prisoner's ring in her anus and realized the girl must now be doubly plugged. The girl's labia and vulva which were forced crudely against the cell door and pressed across the viewing window then vanished as the prisoner inside rocketed herself forward along the straight track forced by the the dildos in the door. The door stopped bulging and the bolt slackened with a sound of the metal settling back into place. But a few seconds later the prisoner inside was again pushing her pussy with passion against the wall and displaying her pussy ring directly into the viewing window of the cell door. Lucy now understood the subtle pulsing of the door against the bolts as she looked down the long row of small cell doors and saw they were all in motion.

The matrons then proceeded to unlock the collars of the chain gang and ear girl was ordered to stand next to a cell door with her legs spread as far as the hobble chain would allow and her arms against the third levels of cells and as high and wide as the wrist chains would allow. Lucy nipple rings pushed against what was soon to be her cell as she and her fellow prisoners presented themselves in their skimpy uniforms, chains, and ringed holes. Lucy was told to stand back and the matron open the hinged door of a second level cell and motioned Lucy to crawl inside. Only two feet off the ground, Lucy had had some troubles chained as she was. But she made it in and quickly realized the cell was not very deep and she could move perhaps 1 foot deeper in a crawling position when the door was locked behind her. The dildo mounted in the back wall of the cell hit Lucy's face before she realized it was there and the matron moved Lucy's face to make it clear that Lucy needed to allow it through her ring gag.

Lucy's felt the matron tap her pussy and anal rings as she heard the matron now slam the door shut and engulf Lucy's box like cell in darkness. Despite taking the dildo fully into her mouth through the ring gag, Lucy began to feel new smaller shocks in nipples. Soon this were followed by mounting shocks in nipples that were growing too painful. She shook her massive breasts in an attempt to free them from the thin chain connecting her nipple rings to the electricity but it was in vain. The only result was a jangling of her nipple bells and the mounting pain of now stronger shocks.

Lucy explored behind her and found what she feared. The tip what could only be a large dildo was already in place just at the tip of her ringed ringed pussy. When the matron locked the cell door she had placed two dildos that Lucy realized what she need to do with then. As Lucy sought to find the base of these dildo and stop the shocks in her nipples, she was forced to lean back and let the dildo in her mouth emerge as her ring gag slide back and revealed more and more of that dildo. As Lucy continued to push herself back she soon felt the second dildo as her anal ring let the thicker part of that dildo pass. Lucy grunted as she felt her pussy ring hit the metal of the cell door and realized she had taken it all in, just like the poor prisoner she had seen from earlier.

She wondered if her vulva now pressed against the metal cell wall was equally shameful but the shame made little difference given she now felt the shocks sill not stopping. With another shove she ensured the anal dildo was deep in enough so its base crossed her ring there. As the shocks stopped she relaxed for a few second to ponder her plight. Once again the small tingle in her nipples returned and she realized she needed to take the the dildo up front fully into her mouth right away. Lucy rocketed herself forward as she flexed her thighs forwards and her pussy and anal rings slide along those dildos away from the cell door while her ring gag engulfed the the front dildo deeper into her mouth. Now Lucy realized why the prisoners were thrusting themselves with such passion against the small cell door. She had only seconds between each full penetration to ensure the shocks did not return. And after a few minutes she realized the shocks were far stronger now. Her trial period was over.

Lucy abandoned herself to her fate as she worked the dildos in her small box cell. With abandon she thrust the rear dildos into her pussy and anus and let her vulva slam into the cell door to ensure her rings reached the base. With the dildo gag nearly out of her mouth, Lucy flexed her chained arms and thighs to propel herself forward with such speed that her vagina barely had time to relax from the deep invasion. The frantic jingle of Lucy's nipple rings told of her wild movements along the now glistening dildos lubricated with her own juices.

She was in constant motion as she worked to keep all her holes fully filled as she hoped not to feel shocks in her now swinging back and forth breasts. When a ray of light shone into the small cell and Lucy realized her viewing window had been opened, she did not care as she launched her pussy towards the base of the dildo embedded right in the center of the window. Lucy wondered if another prisoner was looking in confusion or horror at her, and Lucy pitied that woman who would soon find out for herself.

When a break was called Lucy was almost out of energy. Water and a mush flowed through her mouth dildo as Lucy eagerly sucked. The cell door was swung open and Lucy's chained legs and rear end with her ringed pussy and anus where all that was visible given the narrow dimension of the cell. Lucy could not see this of course but welcomed the fresh air and light in her dark tiny cell. She felt someone remove the pussy strap holding the two rings that held wide open her holes and wondered if her suffering was over. But it was quickly replaced with another that was similar but now these rings did not hold her pussy and anus open like before but merely rested above her tender openings. Lucy felt some degree of modesty return with her pussy no longer opened but this vanished as felt her ringed nipples sway and recalled her uniform and position in this tiny cell with a dildo deep in her mouth.

As the break ended and cell door slammed shut, Lucy resumed her motions. She realized that the new rings were not a benefit like she had thought. With her labia lips now not held open, Lucy had to force the dildo there to spread her labia open and force entry. No longer could she just push back and let the dildo deeply into her as she now had to first force it into her sensitive holes. 041b061a72




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