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Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia

Tyla Jane - Energy (Lyric Video)

The video has some pretty solid star power attached as well. The person jogging is Olympic track athlete Sydney McLaughlin who made the coveted Forbes 30 under 30 list for sports in 2022 (via Instagram). On the exercise bike is Cody Rigsby, a fitness celebrity, and the woman performing yoga is Jessamyn Stanley, who is a renowned yoga instructor in real life. And to top it all off, Tyla Jane's track "energy" is what viewers hear in the background, setting the mood and pace for the well-crafted promotional ad.

Tyla Jane - energy (Lyric Video)

Tyla Jane Energy Lyrics. Web energy tyla jane and its all because i'm working on my energy cleaning up i'm taking care of i, myself and me drinking coffee take a sip they say i'm sparkling manifest that,. Web [verse 1] jane here, the heat rising, and best believe i'm at the top not gonna hear that you been grinding, you sleeping when i'm on the rock i'm looking like a soda pop, he thirsty,. 041b061a72




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