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Gssc 同窓会グループ

Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia

The Naked Brothers Band Albums HOT!

This band the naked brothers band sucks! They suck so bad and they think they're so cool and they get all the freakin girls! one of them is like freakin 9 and he dates? OH MY GOD! These losers are bums and are lazy and spoiled. Who would name a freakin band The Naked brothers band. These suckers don't deserve to be popular! I hope they will be forgotten and will be considered UNCOOL! They should just grow up! They're not even Teenagers yet and they're on TEEN NICK? The old ones like twelve and the other ones like 9? I'd love to kick their butts big time. Id rater throw up or die than listen to these idiots! THROW UP ON THE FREAKIN ALBUM FOR ALL I CARE! That's what id do!

The Naked Brothers Band Albums

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Kiddie music tends to be of the sappy, twee variety. Not so for these brothers-in-a-band and their debut CD, which is also the soundtrack to their hit Nickelodeon TV series of the same name. The melodic and gritty rock song provides a rallying cry for kids of all ages who are sick and tired of being treated like children and having to listen to people whine and moan. Their advice? Just walk away. 350c69d7ab




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