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Gssc 同窓会グループ

Jack Brooks
Jack Brooks

[S3E7] Out Of The Easy

Breathe in deep, one, two, threeLet the breathe out, it's as easy as can beBreathe in, two, threeBreathe out, two, threeBreathe in, two, threeBreathe out with me.Breathe in deep, one, two, threeLet the breathe out, it's as easy as can beBreathe in, two, threeBreathe out, two, threeBreathe in, two, threeBreathe out with me.

[S3E7] Out of the Easy

On the Fourth of July, Larry Kline gives an excited speech at the Hawkins Fun Fair while Ted, Karen and Holly Wheeler go up on the ferris wheel to watch the fireworks. As the fireworks begin, Holly notices something moving in the trees out towards the woods. Eleven explains to her friends what the Mind Flayer told her and they hear a distant roar. Nancy Wheeler realizes the Mind Flayer remembers the cabin as Will Byers' neck flares up, and the group hurries outside to see it thundering towards them from a distance. Dustin Henderson and Erica Sinclair drive a drugged Steve Harrington and Robin Buckley through the Russian base as the latter two, still high on the truth serum, argue over the naming of the Indy 500. They take the elevator back up (which Steve and Robin find deeply engaging) and Steve realizes the Russians took his car keys, leaving them with no easy way out of Starcourt Mall. As they emerge from the elevator, the armed guards spot and chase them, causing them to flee into the mall.

After the last episode saw Victor Stone (not Cyborg, remember) venture into the world of synthetic skin, audiences are finally able to see what the outcome is with this appraisal from a former STAR Labs doctor and family friend. The good doctor explains that if Vic wants the synthetic skin, he will lose his Cyborg characteristics, including Grid. The doctor wants Vic to take a moment to think about it, even though the procedure will be extremely easy to execute.

At the DEA office, Hank admits to assaulting Jesse, resulting in him being suspended without pay and having his gun confiscated. As Hank departs, he learns Jesse is not pressing charges after all. Later, Hank is in an SUV in a parking lot when he gets a phone call and an electronically disguised voice tells Hank that he has one minute to leave before two men show up to kill him. At first, he wonders if it is a prank call, but after one minute Leonel and Marco arrive and ambush Hank. He reverses his car into Leonel, pinning him against another car and maiming him from the waist down, then flees with Leonel's gun. Marco empties his gun at two passers-by and reloads, dropping the hollow point bullet in the process, before eventually knocking Hank down with two shots. Rather than shooting him dead, believing that would be too easy, Marco decides to hack Hank to death with his axe and goes to retrieve it from his car. Hank then loads the hollow point bullet into Leonel's gun and kills Marco with a gunshot to the head. Marco's axe lands right next to Hank, who falls unconscious from massive blood loss.

Angie and Harris have teamed up again with investors Peter and Brian and are headed back to East Atlanta for what should be an easy flip. What looks to be a modest job turns out to be much more work than Angie or her investors bargained for. They have big plans to modernize this dated 40s charmer including a master bedroom addition and a complete kitchen remodel. When investor Brian starts finding problems and making costly decisions Angie and Harris have had enough. Can Angie keep her team together as they try and flip this house into the 21st century? 041b061a72




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