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Jack Brooks
Jack Brooks

Download Postal 2 Apocalypse Weekend ##BEST## Full Version

Released on Steam after a successful Steam Greenlight campaign (later on GoG), it is a vastly updated version of the POSTAL 2 base game with Share The Pain, Apocalypse Weekend, and a modified version of the A Week in Paradise mod. In addition to an absurd amount of bugfixes, this version adds full controller support (with rebinding), an optional weapon selector, and a menu for inventory items.

Download Postal 2 Apocalypse Weekend Full Version

Download File:

Steamworks has been fully implement allowing easier mod support via Steam Workshop, unlockable achievements, Steam trading cards, and Steam Cloud saving. In addition to this, an updated version of POSTed with the Unrealscript source code of POSTAL 2 and its expansions are available for all versions of the game.

Postal 2 Complete is an online compilation containing Postal 2: Share the Pain and its expansion Apocalypse Weekend which is available from both the Desura platform for Linux, Mac and Windows and from for Windows. The Linux version available from Desura was newly updated for its release on the digital distribution platform.[19] The pack was made available through Steam on November 2, 2012, after successfully getting Greenlit by the community.[20]

Postal 2: Eternal Damnation is a total conversion of Postal 2 by Resurrection Studios, released as a free download in 2005 and in the Postal Fudge Pack a year later. The plot concerns a man called John Murray, who is in a mental asylum after having killed a man who tried to hurt his girlfriend. Murray is also seen in Postal 2: Paradise Lost as an Easter egg.

In this version of Postal 2 Paradise Lost expansion pack you have again been given the role of Postal Dude. Who is searching for his lost dog in a post- apocalyptic world. Paradise Lost comes up with new features and weaponry plus some new skills. It also features a full single player campaign. During the course of the game you will face a wide range of enemies which includes bandits, toy mascots, and doomsday survivalists. New weaponry and items have been included like Revolver, Shotguns and Weed Whacker. Dual wielding guns feature has also been introduced to twofold the fun. The graphics of the game are very remarkable. You may also like to download The Suffering.




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