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Jack Brooks
Jack Brooks

Watch Two And A Half Men S09E16

After the murder of a nun in the Church, Goren and Eames investigate and realise that someone has tried to cover up part of the crime. Their investigation leads them to a young man named Eddie Roberts, who in turn inadvertently leads them to his older half-brother, Jimmy Jones, who was assaulted in a baseball field seventeen years earlier and left with debilitating injuries. Goren and Eames soon realise that the key to the nun's murder is the young woman who watched Jimmy's attack, and the only way they can get Eddie to take responsibility for his crime is to find this missing witness.

Watch Two And a Half Men S09E16

Goren and Eames investigate a fire at St. Gerald's which led to the death of a Church employee and soon realize that an arsonist around town is targeting churches. Throughout their investigation, they realize that St. Gerald's was the arsonist's primary target, and clues lead them to Justin Reid, who had donated $100,000 to rebuild the Church, his step-mother Regina, whom they soon learn had seduced Justin when he was only a teen, and his half-brother Glynn, who works for a clean-up crew that had worked at all the churches that were burned down shortly after they were renovated. Deakins comes under fire when an e-mail surfaces that insinuates he got Martinez (from To the Bone) to lie about the Logan shooting by getting him a promotion. The e-mail is soon traced back to former cop Frank Adair (from Season 4, Ep. 22 - My Good Name), who is doing time for murder.

Goren and Eames investigate when Isabel Harrington is found murdered in her apartment, and while their investigation initially leads them to the married father of her 18-month-old daughter, they soon begin to look more closely at her family -- invalid grandmother, wastrel father, young step-mother and weak half-uncle.

I think that the show reflects the current world situation. Mainly olitically correct, feminist and soft. The characters Michonne and Carol were turned from initially great interesting characters to whiny do-gooders with no interesting story. Only the image production has improved. In spite of everything I will be one of the view who will watch the show until the last episode and therefore I really hope that it will return to its beginning and its uniqueness.

A capless and bald Captain Keith is in Washington, D.C., to testify before the Senate Commerce committee while Monte preps the Wizard, with, miraculously, no new greenhorns to break in. The fleet's Captains and some deckhands watch the C-SPAN 3 broadcast testimony in the local bar.

Northwestern pulls their first pots. Marine radio notifies the fleet than an automated EPIRB distress beacon has been received 60 nautical miles west of Adak, registered to the fishing vessel Western Venture. Sig says "I'm pretty sure I know him. He's a little guy, he's only 59-foot. Not good!" USCG dispatches helicopter 6005 and a C-130 for search-and-rescue operations. The C-130 arrives first, and verifies the boat is on fire, as well as verifying that the five-man crew is on board the life raft floating near-by. The rescue copter is a half-hour out, but the "good Samaritan" crab-fishing vessel Aleutian Beauty is closer, and they rescue the crew from the life raft.

The episode opens with a montage of audio of Captain Phil Harris and video of Phil, Josh and Jake Harris on the Cornelia Marie, Derrick Ray and Andy Hillstrand, spliced with present-day footage of Josh flying into Dutch Harbor and driving out to the dock where the CM is berthed. Josh stops the truck and gets out about half-way through what the aeral pull back reveals to be the crab pot stacks, and as the pull back finishes we see the entire port side of the CM at dock before the opening credits. (The episode title is taken from Josh's line about "betting it all on blue, Cornelia Marie blue" from late in season 9).

Casey watches as Josh sets his first prospect string on the Cornelia Marie, and refutes Derrick Ray's comment from 3 years ago about Phil doing them a disservice by not teaching them how to run the boat, because they were not ready to learn how then.

Captain Keith braves the northern edge of the fishing grounds with the Wizard, and a storm has prevented the crew from performing normal ice control measures. 12 hours from his desired grounds, the helm's sluggish response prompts Keith to get the crew out to knock out 50,000-80,000 pounds of 4-foot-thick ice and drop pots early to reduce the weight on deck, with Keith vowing "this will never happen again on my watch".

Mike Rowe's introduction to the episode, over fist fights and a flaming hook, sums up the first half of 2012 King Crab season perfectly: "The fiery battles continue throughout the Bering Sea: for turf, for survival, and for the Deadliest Catch. So before tonight's new episode, the Captains are set to hash it out and crank you up."

The Captains begin by comparing what they see from the wheelhouse to action movies, and preview two injuries to Wizard crewmen, analyze stupid mistakes made by a Saga deckhand getting him fired by Elliott, and greenhorn Mandy partaking in a "Gross" herring ritual on Northwestern. That leads into a discussion by the Captains on smelly crew, complete with a "Wild Bill on the Scene" report on the smelliest crew member on each boat. Edgar joins in as the Captains discuss crew showers and how they conserve their fresh water tanks, especially when a faulty valve leaks half of that supply, as happened to Northwestern in the previous week's episode, before Mandy's return to Dutch Harbor.

In a scene reminiscent of Arya Stark watching a play depicting the death of her father, Rhaenyra and Daemon watch a street performance recounting her ascendance to heir apparent over Daemon. It gets even more awkward when the thespians get to the topic of Aegon Targaryen, King Viserys' son with Queen Alicent.

It all feels super weird to watch, since Rhaenyra is such a young character. It's again reminiscent of Arya Stark's sex scene with Gendry, which was also weird as hell. To save you a Google: Rhaenyra is 18 in the story, and the actress who plays her, Milly Alcock, is 22. 041b061a72




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