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Parker Garcia

Top Private Torrent Sites Open For Signup

Despite having enormous content libraries of anime, movies, music, ebooks, TV shows, games, and software many top torrent sites are filled with adware and trojans. Moreover, torrenting search engines and websites are not safe, and every now and then they either get taken down or blocked in certain countries and regions.

Top Private Torrent Sites Open For Signup

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With over 700,000 torrents, IPTorrents is one of the most prominent invites only torrent sites. Due to the massive content library, the private torrent tracker is often referred to as Private The Pirate Bay. Unlike public & free torrenting sites, you have to remain active in IPTorrents.

This private torrent site will be liked by music lovers. It is considered as a torrent tracker for music producers rather than listeners. Here you will find every resource needed for music.

Torrentbits is an ideal private torrenting tracker for anyone who heavily relies on torrents for downloading anime, movies, television shows, and music. The content-centric platform allows users to apply for an account by filling out a simple form.

Famous among the music torrent community, Redacted is another feature-packed private torrent websites. On this website, you can find and download high-quality individual songs, albums, live recordings, and full discographies.

Similar to Torrentbits, PassThePopcorn is an ideal private torrents websites for downloading entertainment-focused content. Movies on PassThePopcorn are available in HD quality and you can find both old and new titles on this platform.

Started in 2009, Bibliotik is a prominent e-book private torrenting tracker that simply gets the job done. With an outrageous content library of over 300,000 torrents and a user base of around 7,000 or so, Biblitok even outperforms many public torrent websites.

The categories and order by search filters on Bibliotik come in handy while searching for any particular ebook. Apart from ebooks, the private torrents tracker can be used for downloading audiobooks, comics, journals, and magazines.

BroadcastTheNet is one of the largest private torrent websites as it has more than 34,000 members. Do note that, joining BroadcastTheNet is quite difficult but once you are in you will be greeted with high-quality movies.

Using the private tracker you can even access Japanese exclusive content which is fairly difficult to find on public torrenting websites. The private torrenting site has a massive user base of around 16,000 users.

Several websites also conduct open registration days, during these days anyone can register and start downloading torrents. These days can last for some hours or a few days. To keep a track of registration days and other important announcements you may join the r/trackers subreddit.

The last best method of joining a private torrenting website is via invites. If an existing member grants you access you will be able to join the website. You may join the subreddit r/Invites to offer and request invites for private web services.

So these were some of the best torrenting sites that are private. Do share any of your personal recommendations in the comments section below. For our readers, we will continue to update this article as more and more websites start emerging.

If you're looking for the best private torrent trackers, you might become overwhelmed. Where do you even begin? In this article, we'll explore what the absolute best private torrent sites are, why membership is so lucrative, and where you should start.

Popular torrenting websites, also known as public trackers, have made it easier than ever to find what you're looking for. These websites may seem tempting, but they don't come without risk. Copyright notices from your Internet provider and malware are becoming increasingly common.

As you may have guessed, there are private trackers as well. These private torrenting sites contain a massive selection of content ranging from ultra-high definition movies to obscure media. If you want it, these sites have it.

Private torrent trackers work in the same way as their public counterparts, with some distinct differences. For starters, they are usually restricted to those that are members of the site. New membership to these websites is often extremely difficult if allowed at all. Users are also required to follow a strict set of rules and guidelines.

In the private torrenting scene, being the first to upload something rare is an accolade. Being the first to upload new content is a race to the finish line, and not only for bragging rights. Many private trackers have a bounty system in place where members can request media that is not yet available on the site. Filling these requests comes with a nice bonus, traditionally in the form of upload credit.

If you're someone who wants the highest quality media like lossless music and 4k Blu-ray quality films, you'll have a difficult time finding anything beyond the mainstream on public torrent sites. Even those masquerading as truly lossless and 4k are more likely than not compressed in some way to reduce file size. This compression leads to a noticeable loss in quality that is especially prevalent for those with higher-end home entertainment systems.

With a library of over half a million torrents to choose from, it comes at no surprise that this is the best private torrent tracker online right now. For comparison, the private tracker with the closest quantity of movies available has roughly half as many torrents.

PTP is going to be one of the harder trackers to get invited to, and registration is currently closed. If you are just starting out with private torrenting, it'd be best to join another tracker on this list to build up a good ratio and reputation for when it does reopen. It'll be worth the time and effort.

What sets BTN apart from the competition, however, is the fact that it does not require you to maintain a minimum ratio on the site to download. This unorthodox system as such makes it one of the more difficult trackers to join, only offering direct recruitment and an invite system. This makes BroadcastTheNet one of the best private torrent trackers around.

For those new to the private torrent community, this is your best bet at getting a foot in the door. RED has an invitation process similar to most other sites, but also offers an interview process over IRC where you will be offered an invitation once you pass a series of technical questions.

Once you're in RED, it's not terribly difficult to climb up the first few ranks and unlock perks on the site. One of these perks is the ability to access the invitation forum, where you can gain legitimate invitations to other private trackers for different forms of media. This is the preferred way to go about joining other sites, as buying a paid invite off of any unofficial forums can result in a permanent ban.

Bibliotik may be tough to gain membership to, but its immense selection of literature sets the tracker apart from the rest. If you often read books that are hard to find elsewhere, you can count on this private torrent site to have it.

Maintaining a ratio on AudioNews is slightly more difficult than other trackers. There is no bonus system, but with time, you learn how to increase your ratio effectively. This is another great first private tracker since registration is open for new users on the 1st of every month. Keep in mind that this is according to the time in Moscow, Russia, which will vary in other locations.

If you're going to download content online, you might as well take proper precautions. Stay safe and ensure you get the highest quality content with the sites from this list. Using the best private torrent trackers will guarantee your torrenting experience is as enjoyable as possible.

You will also come to learn that each private tracker has its own incredibly knowledgeable communities. Members that are eager to help, so long as you are respectful and follow each site's rules. When joining these elusive websites, always remember to act with good intentions.

The objective of this post was to give beginners a good intro and starting point to get into private bittorrent trackers. I hope this post was helpful. If you have other private bittorrent sites that you recommend, be sure to share that with the rest of us in the comments section.

Private torrent trackers provide the safest downloads and have the best content, but getting access to a private tracker can be tricky. My team and I tested the most popular private trackers to find out which ones are worth getting an invite for.

I only shortlisted trackers that have exclusive content, moderation policies, and great download speeds. While private torrent trackers tend to be safer than public sites, I also used a VPN when testing them. Even the most secure torrenting sites can log your activities, contain malware, or be subject to impersonation by fake sites. My VPN encrypts my data to keep me safe from cyber threats.

ExpressVPN is my favorite option for torrenting. Its military-grade encryption and obfuscation let you torrent safely via private trackers with popular clients (like uTorrent and BitTorrent). Additionally, it offers fast servers, P2P support, and unlimited bandwidth, so you can download and seed files at top speeds. You can try ExpressVPN risk-free (thanks to a reliable 30-day money-back guarantee).

Registration is open for new users on the first day of every month. You must sign up and seed smaller files for about 30 days to become eligible for an official invite. Improving your ratio can be a lot of work, as you must regularly seed new torrents. If your ratio drops below 0.8, your account will be limited. That said, the tracker lets you donate to get upload traffic, unlimited downloads, and invite other people.

MyAnonaMouse has over 600,000 torrents including non-copyrighted digital and audiobooks, comics, and magazines. Unlike many private torrent trackers, this one has a friendly user base and responsive staff. The moderators are very strict when it comes to swearing or any other offensive language.




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