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Jack Brooks
Jack Brooks

Radio Kiss Fm Top 100

Kiss FM is a Top40/Hit Radio station from Romania, owned by ANT1 Group. The station was rebranded from the old Radio Contact, after being purchased by a Belgian radio network. The rebranding came with a number of "on air" personalities, such as Șerban Huidu and Mihai Găinușă, the new network quickly got to be one of the most popular hit stations in Romania where it covers the main cities.

Radio Kiss Fm Top 100

On 15 January 2014 Șerban Huidu left the radio station. He was replaced as Programs Director by Raluca Opreanu. The station's playlist manager is Andreea Berghea. On 10 September 2014 Sergiu Floroaia and Andrei Ciobanu joined the radio station as the hosts of the morning show.

No matter what you like to listen to, the Albany area has a radio station for you. There are also other types of media including local newspapers & television stations to help you stay informed on what's happening in the region.

In 2013, iHeart sold back its investment stake to SiriusXM for more than $130 million. Around the same time, SiriusXM consolidated its radio lineup, making the iHeart-programmed channels available to legacy Sirius listeners for the first time. 041b061a72




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