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Jack Brooks
Jack Brooks

Playstation 2 Final Fantasy Games \/\/FREE\\\\

Final Fantasy XII stands out amid Final Fantasy games as it differs quite heavily from previous installments in the series. The graphics and game engine were completely redone, the combat system is unlike any of the previous games and the setting strays away from the fantasy-style settings such as those in Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy IX.

playstation 2 final fantasy games

This is also the first game in the series which removed the aspect of randomly encountering foes on the battlefield and being forced into a fight. Instead, monsters and enemies appear on the over world and you can now run right past them if you choose to. This style has now been repeated in many of the newer Final Fantasy titles in the franchise (Final Fantasy XIII and XV, for example) and finally removes one of the more annoying and unavoidable aspects of previous games.

About 7 yrs ago we were given a final fantasy game, I'm not sure what number it was a PS 3 or ps4 one. My then husband has them all,so he took it to eBay games and got $170 for it. That's more like what used final fantasy games go for. I've seen them sold there about $200. I think these price values are way off. N I'm not even a gamer. 041b061a72




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