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Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia

Auto Clicker V2.3 By Shocker Download __EXCLUSIVE__

Auto Clicker by Shocker will help you get rid of the mouse button-button-button routine. The application works by counting the frequency of mouse clicks. It helps you eliminate the need for tedious clicking by allowing you to set the number of clicks a mouse button needs to be held down to generate a single or double click. You can also set a click interval between multiple clicks. Plus, you can set freeze intervals when it tries to click too many times. The program comes with a simple and clear interface. Its primary feature is the Mouse Settings tool, where you can customize your mouse, including its speed, buttons, and scroll wheels.

auto clicker v2.3 by shocker download

Download File:

Auto Clicker is a simple utility that offers two options to users. The first is to click a custom button or a time limit, and the second is to configure the speed, frequency, and click interval between multiple clicks. Overall, the program is free for personal use. However, it also has a free trial version that can be used to test the tool.

Auto Clicker is a free mouse clicker that has a simple and clean UI. However, its simple features and lack of options makes it very restrictive. The interface lets you easily set several parameters. It also helps to set freeze, mouse buttons, and mouse scroll wheel.

Auto Clicker by Shocker is a simple tool to help you get rid of repetitive mouse clicks. It provides you to set the number of clicks and time limit per click, giving you more flexibility and control. Apart from that, you can set intervals between multiple clicks or generate infinite clicks. Plus, you can also set freeze intervals when the tool tries to click too many times. Overall, the program is very simple and clean but that doesnt mean it lacks options, as it is fully customizable.




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