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Jack Brooks
Jack Brooks

Golden Time Episode 1-24 Eng Sub 360p-720pGolden Time Episode 1-24 Eng Sub 360p-720p

the police tries to invade the university. they beat students on the campus and use guns to cause fear and chaos. the university students are seeking for resistance and they have to decide. the time of darkness is coming and the time of the new life for them.

Golden Time Episode 1-24 eng sub 360p-720pGolden Time Episode 1-24 eng sub 360p-720p

to be honest, i know nothing about golden time except that i missed it back in the 2000s. golden time was an historical drama with a chinese setting, two stories, one about the japanese occupation of china and the other one about the mongolian invasion. both stories are about the war that took place at that time. the first season of golden time consisted of 60 episodes, but i dont know if there was a second season. golden time is, in fact, the first show i know that was made in the 90s and that has a very violent episode. the first episode is about a massacre that took place at the chinese-japanese war. the episode opens with a man thats trying to kill himself, but hes stopped by his wife. he then explains to her why hes going to commit suicide. the wife then finds his relatives and asks them to help. the wife says that her husbands father wants to cut her husbands head, but the relatives try to stop him. the wife is then forced to leave her husband, but before she does, she finds her husbands uncle, who is also a japanese man, and she tells him that shes going to leave her husband. the uncle is an anti-japanese man and he tells her that shes lucky, because her husband was killed during the massacre. the wife, however, is fine with what happened to her husband. the uncle then asks her to look at a picture, but her husband comes, takes the picture from the uncle, and goes back to his wife. the wife then sees her husbands corpse, but she looks at her husbands face, and as she looks at him, she says that she still loves him, and she will love him until the day she dies. the uncle then asks the woman to continue looking at the picture and the uncle tells the man that hes going to cut his head, but the man stops him and tells him to cut his leg instead. the uncle is then attacked by the mans father and son, but hes killed by them. the wife then leaves the house and is running away when the father and the son arrive. the wife is then killed by the father and the son. the father and son then go to the house of the uncle and they cut the uncles leg off. the uncle, however, wakes up and kills his son. the uncle then goes to the house of the man and beats him up, but the man manages to kill his father. the uncle then says that hes going to kill the man and he then sends his men to kill the man. the man then says that hes not going to kill himself and hes going to kill the uncle. the man then picks up a gun and a sword and hes ready to kill the uncle, but his wife comes and she picks up a piece of wood and she then kills the uncle.




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