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Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia

Buy Plastisol

VynaFlex, a division of Sinclair & Rush, offers plastisol for purchase from our online store available in black, red or blue. One and five gallon pails are offered, as well as a 55 gallon drum for larger requirements. The drum cannot be shipped via UPS like our other ecommerce items, so please call for shipping information. A minimum of 72 hours lead time on orders for any of these products applies.

buy plastisol

Liquid plastisol liquid soft plastic for pouring or injecting into soft plastic bait molds for soft plastic bait making. High heat tolerance without burning. Reheat many times without losing it's clarity. Great for worms, swimbaits, grubs, craws, finesse baits and more. The fish (and you) will love the consistency and action of soft baits made with our plastisol.

Ecotex Screen Printing Plastisol Press Wash by Screen Print Direct is an easy-to-use spray and wipe press screen printing cleaner, which helps with cleaning plastisol ink off your silk screen. Use it on-press, designed to quickly dissolve plastisol and UV inks. This is great for opening your screen or changing colors on the press. Our Ecotex screen printing ink remover will degrade the ink on the screen without destroying the emulsion stencil. This product is ready to use, emulsion, and capillary stencil safe. Quarts & Pints include spray nozzle.

Ok so not the most exciting topic in screen printing but we are often asked by customers to give prices for Plastisol Ink by kg, so we thought this is a good opportunity to explain why screen printers should always buy plastisol by the Litre.

It is very clear that 1 Litre of Plastisol weighs significantly more than a kilogram, this is because plastisol ink has a specific gravity typically 1.1 to 1.4 with some highly opaque inks like WPS Cotton White being higher.

Yellow Plastisol ink 1kg for screen printing. This textile plastisol ink from SK Color has a strong covering power. It is easy to apply and therefore not very suitable for beginners as well as for confirmed silkscreens.

Our trapeze bar is coated in plastisol to brighten up your swing sets and provide cool non-slip hand grips for children. This is a 20" long metal trapeze bar, 1 1/16" in diameter. Dipped in plastisol. Holds up to 3300 lbs.

SZ Plastisol is a completely phthalate-free plastisol, commonly called a "green plastisol". It's clear, tack-free and it laments perfectly, highlighting color and glitter extremely well.Use:Start by shaking the plastisol thoroughly before use. To get it better mixed put in a larger nut or bullet in the bottle before shaking. Also, keep in mind that small air bubbles are shaken into the plastic, so allow the bottle to stand for a few minutes to rest before you start to use it. Then the air bubbles will rise to the surface. If you experience that there are some air bubbles left in after heating you can run the plastisol for a few minutes at the lowest power (defrost) in microwave owen.Use pyrex pots and microwave owen for best result and always blend in colors and glitter in the end of the process.One excepttion are fluo colors that get the best results if they are mixed before heating.This is how you do it:Heat the plasticisol on high power in microware owen in portions so that it doesn't burn. The perfect lamination temperature is approximately 160 degrees. Remember to wear protective equipment such as heat-resistant gloves, suitable breathing mask and apron in well-ventilated areas. Also ensure that there is no risk of contact with water when heated.Hardness: Shore A 18 +/- 1

Do you need high-quality metal cladding paints to modernise surfaces efficiently? Are you looking for premium plastisol cladding paint available in a range of colours? Welcome to Paints4Trade! We supply a diversity of special plastisol, metal cladding, and plastic paints suitable for UPVC roofing & walls, wood, metal profile plastisol, and timber. As a leading cladding paint supplier in the UK, we stock only premier products designed to renovate, beautify, and protect surfaces properly. Our range of products comes as an excellent option for revamping your old cladding surfaces and facades. Browse the catalogue and buy industry-best products right now!

The Plastisol Coated Swing Chain from Jensen offers customers a longer amount of coated chain than other models. The chain is sold individually. The chain comes in 5-1/2 and 8-1/2-feet lengths, both with 4-feet long sections of coated chain. The plastisol comes in four colors including blue, green, red, and yellow. The 3/16-inch chain is an industry standard and provides the same support as uncoated chain. Choose from available colors and lengths and receive a quote from AAA State of Play on your Plastisol Coated Swing Chain. The 5-1/2 feet model suits 8-feet high swing-sets and the 8-1/2 feet model suits up to 10-feet high swing-sets.

One of the reasons for this post was to make the case that screen printed or plastisol transfers is an affordable option to get into the t-shirt business. All without having to spend over $10,000+ dollars to get started. 041b061a72




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