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Parker Garcia

Subtitle WEB. !LINK!

Open Subtitles is one of the best subtitle download sites for movies and TV shows. It boasts a large database of countless movies and TV series from around the world with subtitle files for each title in dozens of languages. As a user, you can also upload subtitles on this site.

subtitle WEB.

YIFY Subtitles is one of the most widely used sites for downloading subtitles today. It has a vast repository of almost all known movies including the recent ones. Further, the website has a sleek, modern interface and smart search filters that make for effortless browsing.

Subscene is an online community for downloading and sharing subtitle files for a plethora of movies and TV series in multiple global languages. The best part is that the site is kept up-to-date with subtitles for the latest content. It has a simple interface with an advanced search bar.

Addic7ed is another website that allows you to easily browse and download subtitles for TV shows and movies. Despite its dated interface, the site stands out for its sizeable up-to-date database and quick search. You can also edit the subtitle files albeit after registration. allows you to find the subtitle files of TV series from across the world in one place. Its directory includes subtitles of almost every TV show episode, spanning genres and decades, in different languages. The site has a sleek and modern easy-to-navigate UI.

Moviesubtitles offers subtitles for the most popular and recent movies from across the world, in 13 different languages. The site has a simple and easy-to-navigate interface with over 20000 movie titles categorised in alphabetical order, making it easy for users to search the file.

TVsubs is a one-stop destination for subtitle files of all TV shows that you may have on your watchlist. The website has a clean and sleek interface with the latest and most downloaded titles listed on the home page. It allows you to submit subtitle files too upon registration.

Subtitle Seeker functions as an aggregator of over 20 other subtitle download sites. Thus, it makes for an excellent resource for movie and TV show subtitles that are otherwise hard to find. All files on this site are in the English language and can be downloaded in SRT format.

SRT file is the most common format for subtitle files. It is a plain text file containing subtitle information like the start and the end text timecode, a sequential subtitle number and more. It is used along with video data to make sure that the subtitles are in sync with your audio. 041b061a72




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