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Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia

Penn Elcom Case Designer Software: Features, Benefits, and Pricing Options

A major highlight on the Penn Elcom section of the stand was live demonstrations of Penn's innovative new CaseDesigner software, a product that has been successful with case makers throughout Europe, the company says.

Penn Elcom Case Designer Software

The ProX XS-UTL7 trunk Utility, microphone stand, hardware or Lighting case functions great is a dependable, durable ATA-300 style flight case with a heavy duty design that is sure to stand up to the rigors of travel and the wear and tear of being on the road all while keeping your gear secure and safe.The ProX XS-UTL7 constructed with Gig Ready signature series certified 3/8 inch Honeycomb Digital design plywood, which provides a unique look and it crafted using the highest quality materials and workmanship, to give you the ultimate security for your equipment. If you have a passion for your gear and want to keep it safe, this case will ensure your investment is protected at all times.The extrusion is all aluminum & assembled with certified aluminum rivets. The rivets on the 8 recessed spring loaded handles are backed with washers to ensure strength and durability. Also The ProX Cases XS-UTL7 inside is fully lined 1/4 inch with impact resistant foam pads to ensure extra security and gives you peace of mind when your equipment is being transported, knowing that your gear will arrive in one piece. The top is held closed with 3 recessed butterfly latches and is hinged on the back with two lid stops and nylon straps for stops inside the case.The two rubber feet and two wheels on each end allow the case to stand vertically. The inside is fully foam padded with thicker foam padding on the ends to allow a loaded case to be transported standing on end. The two integrated low profile penn-elcom Durable Tough Rubber wheels on each end allow the case to be rolled laying flat or lifted by the handles on either end and rolled on two wheels.

With Mycasebuilder, Pick and Pluck foam is a thing of the past, no more taping the foam to gether to get another few months out of it, no need to send us your expensive items to be measured and drawn, no design fees, just use our amazing software to design it yourself!!!




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