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Roshani Champika
Roshani Champika

The Walking Dead S04e11 720p Hdtv X264 Greek 16

The Walking Dead S04e11 720p Hdtv X264 Greek 16

The Walking Dead is a popular American post-apocalyptic horror television series based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. The show follows a group of survivors who try to stay alive in a world overrun by zombies, or "walkers", as they call them. The series has been praised for its realistic and gritty portrayal of the zombie apocalypse, as well as its character development and social commentary.

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The fourth season of The Walking Dead premiered on October 13, 2013 and concluded on March 30, 2014, consisting of 16 episodes. The season follows the aftermath of the Governor's assault on the prison, which resulted in the death of several main characters and the separation of the survivors. The season also introduces new threats, such as a deadly flu outbreak, a group of cannibals known as the Terminus, and a mysterious community called the Sanctuary.

The eleventh episode of the fourth season, titled "Claimed", aired on February 23, 2014. The episode focuses on three different groups of survivors: Rick, Carl, and Michonne; Glenn and Tara; and Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene. Rick recovers from his injuries at a suburban house, but has to deal with a group of hostile scavengers who invade the place. Carl and Michonne bond over their pasts and their hopes for the future. Glenn wakes up in a military truck and learns that Abraham's mission is to escort Eugene, a scientist who claims to know the cure for the zombie plague, to Washington D.C. Glenn insists on finding Maggie, his wife, and convinces Tara to join him. Abraham reluctantly agrees to help them, but soon faces a problem when Eugene accidentally sabotages their vehicle.

The episode received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, who praised the performances of the actors, the character development, and the suspenseful scenes. The episode also featured some memorable moments, such as Rick's escape from the scavengers, Michonne's revelation of her son's name, and Eugene's awkward confession. The episode was watched by 13.12 million viewers in the United States, making it the second most-watched cable television program of the night.

The Walking Dead S04e11 720p Hdtv X264 Greek 16 is a file name that indicates that the episode is available in high-definition quality (720p), encoded with x264 codec, and has Greek subtitles (16). This file name can be used to search for online sources that offer the episode for streaming or downloading. However, it is advisable to use legal and authorized platforms to watch the show, such as AMC's official website, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video. Watching pirated content may expose users to malware, viruses, or legal issues.

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, you may also enjoy reading the comic books that inspired the show, playing the video games that are set in the same universe, or listening to the podcasts that discuss the show. You can also join online communities that share your passion for the show, such as forums, blogs, or social media groups.




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