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Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia

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Azure Stack HCI is available for download with a free 60-day trial. You can either purchase integrated systems from a Microsoft hardware partner with the Azure Stack HCI operating system pre-installed, or buy validated nodes and install the operating system yourself. See the Azure Stack HCI Catalog for hardware options. Use the Azure Stack HCI sizing tool to estimate the hardware requirements for your Azure Stack HCI solution. This sizing tool is currently in public preview and requires your personal Microsoft account (MSA) credentials (not a corporate account) to sign in.

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While studying English and creative writing at college in Northern California, Cedar fell in love with rock climbing, and soon after graduation, he moved into his truck. He split his time between Yosemite and Joshua Tree, making speed ascents on El Capitan and first ascents on the Sentinel. He remains one of the few people to have freed El Capitan in a day. For more than five years, Cedar served on the legendary Yosemite Search and Rescue Team. The climber has also pioneered new alpine rock routes in places like Pakistan, British Columbia and Alaska. More recently, the paragliding pilot took flight from 18,490-foot Pico de Orizaba, the third highest mountain in North America. 350c69d7ab




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