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Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia

[S1E8] Standoff

The finale picks up with a brief recap, which shows what happened at the petrol station before Kaye and Michael arrived. In short, the racers began to slowly pull into the station in all hell breaks loose as a heavily pregnant Faith arrives and begins a standoff between herself and the Donahues. Shots get fired and Meg is killed in the crossfire and Lou is seriously injured. Added to that the sounds of gunfire attract unwanted attention from the creatures who go on a bit of a mini killing spree.

[S1E8] Standoff

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Post Sheryl, Andy's doing damage control with his daughters. Most are happy to see him, but the oldest, Lynn (Brooklyn Shuck), is standoff-ish. As the girls fill their father in on what's been going on while he's been gone -- you know, evil dream demons named George, near-live burials thanks to randos in masks, freaky VR children, that sort of thing -- Lynn mentions that Ben has been around fixing things for Kristen. Lynn is young, but well versed in the art of passive-aggressiveness. All of this leads to Andy and Lynn donning those VR goggles one more time, fighting past Rose390 (Nora Murphy), who is much scarier this time around, dear lord, a true power up, and closing whatever Rose390 made them open with that ouija board the last time. I doubt it will be the last time we see Rose390, but it is a nice family moment for Andy and the girls. Holy hell, is Kristen going to have some explaining to do when she gets home. 041b061a72




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