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Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia

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Actually, Nathan, not everyone HAD a movie collection. Those who had one had to replace their movies when the technology for using anything but DVDs became rare. Likewise, the cassette players that people used to listen to tapes were replaced by CDs.

Oh, My God!! download utorrent movies

I'm with Reena on this on. I get eBooks are great for "on the go", but thus far I still have little desire to own an eBook reader of any kind. My personal physical library has around 1,000 books, many of which I doubt would ever go to eBook, much like many VHS movies never went to DVD.

I do have Kindle for the PC, but I have not bought even one eBook and probably never will. I have used it to read freebie erotica chapters and I downloaded some "classics" that I've never read. Similar to checking books out from the library. If I like it enough to want to reread, I'll get the physical copy.

I prefer the books, such as e-books. I have e-books is unusual, there are hands. The book is good to the touch and smell. It may be useful for the Kindle and IPAD, but in everyday life, what breaks when you use this? Anyway, this is just a fashion wave. At first it was the iPod. Decreased subsequently in a few months. Today we hardly hear about it. In addition, many books can be downloaded as PDF or DjVu format. One of them is completely free and legal. Why pay when a free download from somewhere? Rárakomthe the PDA or on my mobile and I can just read . Those who are interested in classic books on the Hungarian-www.konyv page you will find a lot. Free and genuine.

Standard Ebooks is a volunteer-driven project that produces ebook editions of public domain literature using modern typography, technology, and editorial standards, and distributes them free of cost. You can download this and other ebooks carefully produced for true book lovers at

The first edition of this ebook was released onApril 26, 2018, 11:45 p.m.You can check for updates to this ebook, view its revision history, or download it for different ereading systems

I have been using various VPN solutions and must admit that Hola is the only one that has never let me down. All the rest are not 100% effective, thus you always need to switch. Too bad it is not available for Safari though.And yeah, I followed your advice and already watched The Interview today (in Europe). Good option for ignoring all these Christmas related movies out there been shown on TV.

Merry Christmas, Fred! I rented The Interview on Google Play, endured 57 minutes of it and then switched off.Thoughts:I love online releases. $5.99 to watch a brand new movie with The Wife is much cheaper than movie Tickets.Interestingly we went and watched The Gambler running in an AMC. It cost us $26 on Fandango for tix, $12 for popcorn and we had to walk to and from the theater.Both movies were underwhelming. but we sat thru the Gambler because we paid a lot for the tix (comparitively)Thanks,Pranay

Because they have a small TV. Because they want a night out away from the kids (or away from their parents). Because they like watching movies on a huge screen with awesome sound. There are lots of reasons, and there could be many more if theaters got the hint and improved the experience.

add on to the fact that when the film does run perfect its generally the public thats causing its own disruption as people bring babies to action movies or small children to horror movies.. we cant stop them.. its thier right.. but after a few complaints we can say something to them.. problem is.. by the time we can say something.. everyone is pissed off and unhappy and god forbid something happens to the movie after that.

Most movies suck these days. Lately almost every movie has been a remake, a sequel, a prequel or some other rehash of an old used idea. Why should I risk a bad theater experience to watch a bad movie.

Also, there are no children aloud and they have special promotions for certain movies. Like with Spiderman they had a giant velcro wall with a trampoline. They gave you a velcro suit and let you launch yourself onto the wall. Another cool one they did was for Open Water, the one with the sharks. They played this movie on Lake travis in Austin, TX on a projector hanging over the water. Everyone was given a floatation device and they served food and drinks. That was a great experience to be floating in Open Water while watching Open Water.

You also have to look at the movie industry model right now. They spend a huge amount of money to promote the theater release and then another bundle at the DVD release time. This saves them a bundle and could easily allow the cost of movies to come down somewhat while still giving the industry an increase in profit.

1st. There were only movies. We watched in theatres. We enjoyed re-releases.2nd. VHS. Most people watched the movies. It came too late, and cost too much for the video, so we waited, then we rented. Eventually, the price dropped, and we bought. Copying/dubbing slow, poor, and real-time.3rd. DVD. Many people watched the movies. It came too late after the movie was released. So we waited, then we bought or rented. Rentals experienced a decline. Copying fast and high-quality.4th. DVD day & date? Few people watched movies. It came the same day, and easy digital copies from friends were dubbable that same day. Home entertainment centers and good planning created a better-controlled atmosphere than theatres for most avergae-to-affluent movie-goers.

Day and date movie releases on DVD and theaters would kill the theater business an American industry for the last hundred years, radical change movies forever (why spend on special effects or pioneer sound if you are going to watch your movie in a 100 square foot room on a 40 TV.)




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