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Jack Brooks
Jack Brooks

Saving Brad: How an Irish Girl and a Bad Boy Found Love in a College Romance (The Kennedy Boys Book 5)

Let me start this off my saying this family has more drama than the Kardashians. But I loved every single drama filled moment. This is the conclusion to the Kyler specific trilogy, and it does not disappoint. Siobhan takes you on an epic journey full of all the drama, romance, family, angst, and thrill that you can take. This story wraps up all the lose ends from book one and two regarding Kyler and Faye the rest of the boys will get their time.

Saving Brad (The Kennedy Boys Book 5)

Harry, the young wizard in training, is so eminently lovable and Rowling's prose so eminently readable that adults have catapulted the tales onto bestseller lists. Rowling's rollicking style and combination of fantasy and mystery have performed true magic: gotten young boys to put down the joystick and pick up the books. (Jan. 14, June 17, and Sept. 23) By Yvonne Zipp




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