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Jack Brooks
Jack Brooks

Watch NCIS S03E (4)

Abby then announces that those are the killer's incisors and that the next step... before she changes her mind and states to Tony not to worry because the chances of even one of Tony's teeth matching are like 100,000 to 1.

Watch NCIS S03E (4)

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Fans of the series may still argue if Lizzie McGuire is too similar to Andi Mack, but one way they are definitely not similar is that Lizzie McGuire is accessible on Disney+. Numerous episodes of Andi Mack are missing from Disney+. The third season retains the most episodes. The first season is missing the most, with only two left to watch on the streaming service.

There doesn't appear to be a reason that Whale Of A Tale is missing, considering it isn't banned and doesn't include content that Disney would wish to avoid. It's still available to watch on YouTube and some other platforms though so fans of the show will have to settle for that!

Whether fans were to watch this on Amazon or YouTube they would find that every single episode from the show is available to enjoy. The real reason as to why Disney decided they would not air these two adventures is a real mystery, but perhaps it has something to do with outdated themes.

Such fond memories mean that Disney can't really tamper with the show. However, the episodes have been uploaded in a very different order to how they would have been traditionally viewed. The alteration is a strange one, but perhaps the series watches better in this particular timeline. 041b061a72




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