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Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia

Ryonet Design Lab [VERIFIED]

The Ryonet Texture Pack is a great addition to your design asset arsenal! Use these amazing stock images in your next poster design, tee graphic or anything else you can dream up. This pack includes fifteen images pulled from various environments to give you a great variety at an amazingly low price! This pack is a digital download, and all images are vector based designed to be used with software such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW.

Ryonet Design Lab


Printful, who has 10 factories worldwide producing on-demand garments, is beta testing Coloreel on-demand embroidery. In this interview, Elina Kruze from Printful explains why the company was excited about the ability to offer customers more design flexibility in embroidery. Coloreel CEO Torbjörn Bäck shares his thoughts on how Coloreel on-demand embroidery changes the market and delivers a more sustainable solution. Watch Video

Raspberry Creek Fabrics, based in Salt Lake City, was founded a decade ago, and has continued to innovate to meet emerging and existing market needs. Co-founder Justin Rammell tells the Raspberry Creek story, shares how automation has dramatically changed their business, explains the recent patent the company acquired, and mentions a move into wallpaper, a new business for them. The company has also established a marketplace for designers to be able to upload and sell their own designs. More coming in the future! Watch Video

Dani Diarbakerly has leveraged her experience with screen printing into her own business. She offers a wide range of screen-printed apparel products including direct to garment, screen printing on blanks, and a cut-and sew operation, as well as embroidery. She believes the best approach to the business includes a personal touch to make sure that customers receive exactly what they are expecting, including design assistance where needed. Watch Video

Mike Scrutton, Director, Print Technology and Strategy at Adobe, discusses how color management is different between commercial print and textile printing, and why limited color palettes are used in the latter. He offers advice for designers to consider when creating designs for textile printing in order to ensure design intent is met in production. Watch Video

FESPA is back to in-person in Amsterdam and according to textiles expert, FESPA evangelist, and WhatTheyThink contributor Debbie McKeegan, the show has been packed! Debbie takes us on a tour through Printeriors, where fabulous digitally printed and sustainable interior designs are on display. She notes that in the two years since the last in-person FESPA, she has seen a growing interest in sustainable fabrics and printing technologies, with many attendees wanting to know where and how to access and/or produce the types of materials on display at the show. Watch Video

In this interview, Heather Elliot, previous chairperson of AATCC's RA-100 Committee and working for one of fashion's major brands, explains the role of the committee and what its fiber fragment measurement standard is designed to do. Our viewers may have heard the term microfibers, with respect to their contribution to pollution when they are shed during home laundry. Heather explains why they prefer not to use that term, and also provides suggestions about how consumers can minimize fiber fragment shedding as they think about how they launder their clothing. Watch Video

Kristen Dettoni founded Design Pool in 2019 as a B2B initiative targeting interior designers with an extensive design library and a network of printers who could execute their projects. During the pandemic, she launched Domanda Designs, a B2C initiative. In this conversation, she discusses some of the challenges with gaining mindshare in a B2C environment and what she is doing to counteract those. Watch Video

Michelle Courtois is an experienced design professional with a passion for textiles, product development, and technology. While she started in apparel and has worked with many well-known brands, she is shifting her focus to home decor -- a booming opportunity as more people are choosing to continue to work from home and to spend more time and energy making their homes reflect their style and lifestyle. Michelle talks about the projects she will present at the conference and where she sees the home decor market going from here. Watch Video

Runway Kit, a subsidiary of Sri Lanka-based MAS Holdings, was established in mid-2019 with the goal of providing professional manufacturing support to designers and entrepreneurs. Either starting from basic provided designs or from the ground up with a custom design, Runway Kit works with designers to create professional quality tech packs to enable manufacturing with them or with another manufacturer, with minimum order quantities as low as 100. Nethmi Wickramasuriya, Digital Launch Entrepreneur, explains. Watch Video

Kristen Dettoni founded Design Pool as a way to make her textile designs available to other designers and developed a network of printers who can execute those designs. More recently, she founded Domanda, an online store that enables consumers to use professional designs on a wide range of home goods. She talks about why she started these businesses, what she has been able to achieve, and how the pandemic has affected the demand for these types of services, especially in home and commercial decor. Watch Video

Entrepreneur and innovator Kirby Best has been working with Gerber to make on-demand fashion design and manufacturing tools more accessible to designers and brands, especially smaller organizations that have found the cost of these tools to be a barrier. The result is Eloise.Fashion, where designers can leverage tools and technology to create designs, prepare them for manufacturing, and connect with manufacturing facilities such as OnPoint Manufacturing. Kirby explains it all in this video. Watch Video

At the Digital Textile Printing Conference hosted by Smithers, Jena Nesbitt, Product Strategy Director for Oregon-based Pine Crest Fabrics, presented a session on how digital printing has affected the ability of small manufacturers and direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands to develop trend right textile designs quickly and inexpensively. In this video, she talks about how digital printing technologies have changed the game for her business and her brand owner customers. Watch Video

In part 2 of this video interview, Kathryn Lawrie, Kathy Phillips and Cathy Valent share more of the latest developments at Springs Creative, including new acquisitions for its Baxter Mill archive, an increased focus on fabrics and designs for home decor, and its ability to help designers and brands find inspiration when traveling around the world to find new ideas has become difficult during the pandemic. Watch Video

Margaret Getty, Senior Associate, Woven Fabric and Trim, for Lilly Pulitzer, shares the company's founding story and talks about how it has evolved over the years, most particularly, how digital design and print technologies have helped the company carve significant cycle time out of its go-to-market process. Watch Video

In the first part of a two-part video interview, Kathryn Lawrie, Kathy Phillips and Cathy Valent share the latest developments at Springs Creative, including new acquisitions for its Baxter Mill archive, an increased focus on fabrics and designs for home decor, and its ability to help designers and brands find inspiration when traveling around the world to find new ideas has become difficult during the pandemic. (Look for part 2 of this interview next Monday, 11/02.) Watch Video

Mike Scrutton, Adobe's Director of Print Technology and Strategy, brings our viewers up to date on the latest developments with Adobe Textile Designer. He also explains his participation in judging the SGIA Golden Image Awards, with entries including everything from banners, to signage, to prints, including full-color wedding invitations printed on slate! He also notes the launch of Adobe Design to Print, making it easier for designers to visualize how a design will actually look when manufactured. Watch Video

Scott Schinlever, President and Chief Operating Officer of Automated Solutions for Gerber, discussed the company's strategy and how its acquisition of MCT fits in to the overall integrated ecosystem, from design to the cut piece. This positions Gerber and its customers to play in the fast fashion and microfactory initiatives that are gaining steam in textiles and apparel. Watch Video

Datacolor's Ken Butts explains the importance of its new ColorReader PRO in the overall textile and apparel design process, enabling designers to quickly and easily acquire color data from inspiration items that can be passed along the rest of the supply chain. The ultra-portable colorimeter also links to CSI ColorWall color libraries. It is also integrated with Adobe Textile Designer. Watch Video

Carlos Lahoz, Global Textiles Brands Strategist, explains the role of digital technologies in improving sustainability within the textiles and apparel industry in this video sponsored by HP, from design through production and supply chain. He talks about the role of innovation in helping move the industry to a more digital and sustainable future. Watch Video

Omer Kulka, Vice President of Marketing and Product Strategy for Kornit Digital, speaks with Senior Editor Cary Sherburne about Kornit Konnect, a cloud-based solution that delivers on Kornit's vision of a data-driven business and production environment for textiles and apparel, stressing the importance of data as an asset in the design and manufacturing environment. Watch Video

Pointcarre develops, sells, and supports textile design software. President Steve Greenberg explains how the product helps brands and designers visualize the surface design of fabric prior to production. The product supports both Pantone and CSI color libraries. Watch Video

X-Rite/Pantone's Iain Pike talks about some of the changes the company has made to its offerings to simplify color selection and management for textile designers and others in the textile and apparel supply chain. New features include easier to use swatches, the i1Pro 3, and a partnership with Adobe at for palette creation. Watch Video




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