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Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia

My Shemale Stories

I don't know quite what it was that I expected to see but what I did see was certainly something very very different. The scene before me was something that I would never have expected to see in a million years. Sure, in the middle of the room was just what I had hoped to see, Carla's tall, toned body almost completely naked. I had a great view of the curve of her pert, round breasts, her flat stomach and long legs in thigh high leather stiletto boots that made her tower even taller over my father who knelt in front of her and, now this was the shocking bit, was sucking on her big, thick, hard cock, almost twice the length of mine! That's right, my gorgeous new stepmother wasn't a beautiful girl at all, she was a shemale! Clearly my dad didn't have any problem with it as he slobbered eagerly all over her thick manhood.

my shemale stories

"Yes mistress," my father, humiliated by this hot dominant shemale and loving it, replied, taking her cock from his mouth for a moment, "I want to make you cum, I want to drink all your juices as you fuck my throat with your big, hard cock."

I couldn't watch this any longer, it was just too weird. I turned away from the bedroom door and dashed away back to my own room. Well, you would think that seeing this little, or actually rather large, extra side to the woman of my fantasies would make me stop thinking of her like that and certainly, that was what I thought when I got back to my room. But it turned out that this was not the case at all. In fact, seeing how Carla was extra endowed only served to turn me on more. I didn't realise it until I was lying on the bed in my room, but the sight of my father orally servicing the beautiful shemale had given me a massive hardon even as I felt disgusted by it. I couldn't help but jerk my dick off while picturing the much larger and more impressive size of Carla's in think of it violating my throat as right now it was doing to my father.

This video turned me on so much that I couldn't help myself, I took out my cock and began to jerk it off. As Carla made the guy cum and from his position of his ass and cock raised up above him, his own cum dripped down into his mouth. I couldn't help but blow my load all over my chest. It was only as the camera zoomed in on a close up of the guy drinking down his own cum as Carla taunted "Wow slave, you even love cum like a slutty whore," that I realised that the man fucked and humiliated in this video was my own father. No wonder my mum had divorced him. Not only was my new stepmum a shemale pornstar but there was my dad up on the internet for anyone to see, begging to have his ass fucked harder by her. It was humiliating and yet I could only feel jealous that it was him and not me getting fucked by gorgeous Carla. Oh well, as it turned out, I would get my chance to star in my own Carla Rodrigues internet video, but we'll get to that later.

First, I need to tell you how I finally ended up fulfilling some of my fantasies and seeing what it would be like being with my hot pornstar shemale stepmother. It was my day off and I spent it, as I spent most of them, lazing around the house, watching TV and trying not to think too much about Carla, something that was as ever proving pretty difficult. She had gone shopping but would soon be back and then it would be just me and her in the house, this didn't really happen very often and this would be the first time since I caught a glimpse of the real her and had been gaining elicit pleasure from her website. I knew it would be awkward being around her alone, I wouldn't know where to look and would probably have to start hiding an erection pretty soon.

It was thick and warm and salty and tasted just delicious and I couldn't get enough of it, desperately trying to swallow down as much as possible but I couldn't swallow it as fast as it came spurting from my shemale stepmum's monster cock and soon she was spurting all over my face. I barely even noticed that I was still stroking my own cock until Carla leaned over and said, "Let me give you a hand there, baby."

I didn't know how much he'd heard but however much couldn't be good. My humiliation was complete and at the sound of my father's voice, I'm ashamed to admit that I blew my load and came all over my chest and the bedroom carpet. I blushed completely red with the embarrassment, there was nowhere to hide, Carla wouldn't let me leave, my hot shemale stepmum was still fucking my ass even as my dad watched.

My dad dropped to the floor and slid underneath me, I could feel his tongue brush around my cock, and despite my objections to how weird the whole situation was, I couldn't help but moan with delight at how his warm mouth made my cock grow even harder. I had to admit the fact that it was my own father sucking me off while my shemale stepmum fucked my ass just made me more excited.

"What would she think, your wife, to see you two now," Carla said, sitting back on the bed and opening her legs wide, "Both cockloving bitches for a hot shemale and fucking each other stupid. Maybe I'll send her a copy of this tape." We were both rock hard now and thrusting back and forward with vigorous rhythm and moaning. "Come and fuck me sissy boys, a girl like me needs a bit of cock too."

And that's about it. The story of my shemale stepmother and how she made both me and my dad her bitches. I gave up on college and moved in permanently to be around Carla all the time. We had lots more kinky fun and made lots more videos but she told me the one where she takes my ass for the first time and then my daddy fucks me too is still the most popular on her website.

She had been pestering me to get married for the last 10 years or so but I've been avoiding this issues ever since, mainly due to my unsteady tendency towards any relationship i.e. I am not totally sure whether I'm a bisexual or just fatally attracted to any girls with dicks, yes, I am a shemale chaser. I has sucked several shemale dicks so far, with a number of memorable ones and had been penetrated by them too in several occasions. I had been fucking and been sucked too by them and I've grown an extreme liking to this nature so far. Several times, when I had chances having sexual relationship with women, most of the times I had been imagining as if I'm, fucking a shemale.

I then began watching some of the gang bang stuff with the women being fucked by several men, again sticking my cock through the wall for the cock sucker on the other side. Then one time I found a channel with the shemales. I soon became hooked on these.

As soon as I would get back to the booths I would find the shemale movies and stroke my cock to them. Sometimes I would even cum before anyone invited my cock through the hole. No matter what though I would always leave as soon as I had cum.

Then it happened. I was sitting near the back of one theater watching a beautiful shemale getting spit roasted by two big black cocks. My cock was the hardest it had ever been and I had it out slowly stroking it as it was dripping pre cum. I heard the door open and like everyone else I turned to see who was coming in when I saw this beautiful black goddess walk in.

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After nine months I gave birth to a baby girl. Sheila was very happy. She sold off her Agra flat and came to settle down with us. Sheila and me now become famous female and shemale prostitutes in Delhi and fuck different clients and having orgies parties in Delhi earning around lakhs per night.

Erotic transexual stories are provided free at Some of these hot tranny stories are based on actual events. Others are fictitious fantasy articles. In all event, names have been changed to protect the privacy of those personally involved.

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