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Jack Brooks
Jack Brooks

Omnisphere Bank Torrent

What is an omnisphere bank? An omnisphere bank is a file you install onto your omnisphere VST. Make sure to have omnisphere before buying/ using as it only works for this certain VST. An omnisphere bank should contain multiple patches to create any described style beat or any form of music.

Omnisphere bank torrent

In total, expect to get no less than 52 Omnisphere presets including 12 bells, 10 pianos, 10 pads, 7 guitars, 7 keys, 2 arps, 3 plucks, and 1 flute. Inside you will find two folders: one with all the individual presets and one with the full bank file.

There's some really spooky and aggressive tones in the patch collections from The Very Loud Indeed Company. Their Omnisphere banks have some evil, dark, compelling patches, and they've got some very cool stuff for the Knifonium and Zebra as well. Nice stuff indeed from Very Loud Indeed."




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