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Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Edition 6.2.0

VNC Server (formerly RealVNC) enables you to remotely access and control your computers from another computer or mobile device, wherever you are in the world. It is used by individuals and by organizations across every industry sector for a range of different use cases, including providing IT desktop support to colleagues and friends and accessing systems and services on the move. The latest version includes both the VNC Server and Viewer. Choose the VNC Connect subscription that meets your business needs. Home > Easy-to-use remote access for friends and family. Professional > Feature-rich and secure remote access for departments and small businesses. Enterprise > Powerful, flexible, and ultra-secure remote access for the ente... Read More

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise Edition 6.2.0

Unable to import NSX Manager to LDAPS domainWhen you attempt to add NSX manager to LDAPS domain, the following error message appears.Cannot connect to host error message: simple bind failed: This has been fixed in NSX 6.2.0.

When the direct aggregate network in local and remote subnet of an IPsec VPN channel is removed,the aggregate route to the indirect subnets of the peer Edge also disappearsWhen there is no default gateway on Edge and you remove all of the direct connect subnets in local subnets and part of the remote subnets at the same time when configuring IPsec, the remaining peer subnets become unreachable by IPsec VPN.This has been fixed in NSX 6.2.0.

20 Aug 2015: First edition for NSX Sept 2015: Second edition for NSX 6.2.0. Removed unneeded upgrade warning.22 Nov 2015: Third edition for NSX 6.2.0. Moved would-block issue (1328589) from the list of fixed issues to the list of known issues. This issue remains a known issue until a fix is provided in vSphere. In NSX 6.1.5 and 6.2.0, NSX adds mitigations for the issue.




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