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Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia

Bite MeNaked And Afraid : Season 13 Episode 10

way too much was jammed into this episode! i guess the writers were trying to resolve all of the situations left at the season finale, but I feel like a lot of it was forced, like there was check-list of what all needed to be accomplished. There was just something different about the presentation of this first episode, and i can only hope that it starts looking like the office i know and love as the season progresses!

Bite MeNaked and Afraid : Season 13 Episode 10


Oh boy, what a great episode! Tears and laughs. I just love how the writers are so good at giving us a bit of what we want and crave but never indulge us- they always stay true to the characters and make sure that solid story and character development comes first. Great season opener.

i thought this was excellent. it started out good, not great, but i think that was just getting used to the week by week format. i am actually so impressed it felt so true to the office despite the fact that the format of the show was drastically different.i love this show and have enjoyed all the seasons but season 2 is definitely a classic. i feel like this episode took the same level of risk and more developed characters and humor we have been seeing over the past couple seasons and infused that with the classic feeling of season 2. excellent season premiere, definitely the best since the dundies, maybe the best of all.

30 rock won the best comedy emmy b/c it really was the better comedy last year. even stopped recapping the office a few episodes into season 4 and started covering 30 rock instead. BUT, judging from this episode the office might be able to give 30 rock a run for their money.

Brooke wants to get to know Jenny better. However, Jenny is afraid to tell Brooke the truth about her life and past. While on a hike, Alan tells her that Charlie also had problems opening himself up to potential girlfriends, because he was afraid of rejection. Later, Jenny watches Brooke remove a tick from Alan's balls. The episode ends with Jenny randomly calling Brooke her girlfriend. Making both girls happy.

Seriously, every aspect was pitch-perfect. It felt like a season 1 - 3 episode (especially when Cassidy popped up again). I had no idea where the mystery was going and I can't wait to see how everything turns out. Does Detective Amaro remind anyone of Ray Curtis from Law and Order? When he was being hit on by Carissa (Pippa Black), I got flashbacks to all the times when female suspects and witnesses came onto Curtis while an exasperated Briscoe looked on.

Very good episode but I wouldn't call it perfection. I thought it was kinda slow and anti-climatic until that last scene. I remember it went to commercial break after the farm scene, I figured we were probably at the halfway point, but I looked at the clock and it was 10:44. It never got quite as intense as I wanted it to get.I'm really glad that final scene happened though, since I was thinking the episode/season would end with Amaro just standing there outside that building. I was ready to go wtf.I hate to nitpick though, since it was definitely a great episode.

THat was a good episode. I agree the season for the most part felt like the older early seasons. pre-season 7 good.And yes yes yes Jamha, Amaro definitely reminds me of Rey Curtis in many ways. Ben Bratt replaced Chris Noth, whose Mike Logan I found reflected on Chris Meloni's Stabler. Both Pino and Bratt played younger Latino Detectives and I was thinking about the time Ray cheated on his wife while watching this episode and the time when Ray was accused with having an affair with a studio exec in LA.

Maybe I'm the only one who thought it wasn't that amazing. (Or maybe I'm just disappointed that this is it for a few months.) I thought there were too many loose ends and hope that they all get tied up next season. I don't mind some "cliffhanger" element, but it seemed like there were too many unsolved details in this episode. I would have liked it to be 2 hours long since there were so many things going on. But it was well-written.

I remember Taub when he was an adorable but smarmy defense gnome from Law and Order.I'm glad they broke the trend of having the season finales arbitrarily kill off a character. I can't tell you which one I hated the most, the one where they killed O'Halloran or the one where they killed Sister Peg. On one hand, the former episode featured the worst writing I've ever seen on this show, almost as if it was written by someone who had never seen a police procedural before. On the other hand, the latter had a pretty cool character from the earlier seasons wander into the squadroom solely for the purpose of being killed. Sister Peg played no role in the entire rest of the episode and her appearance/death added nothing to the episode. At least O'Halloran was involved in the plot before his death.No such complaints with this episode though.

Very well done! Episodes like this prove that Warren Leight really has potential for this show - it just seems like some of the other episodes were hit and miss.Like many others I was afraid that the show would go downhill this season. I knew it would be our first time in 12 years not seeing Christopher Meloni and our first time in 9 years not seeing BD Wong. Little did I know, it also turned out to be our first time in 9 years not seeing Judith Light, Joanna Merlin and Joel de la Fuente - whose characters I have always considered essential to the realism of the show. What happened? Did this actors coincidentally become unavailable all in the same year?Well I know what happened... every writer has a different style and the good stories Warren Leight had in mind didn't involve these characters. I resisted saying this before seeing all the episodes but I think he made a big mistake not bringing back Donnelly. Judith Light is the show's strongest performer!Changes are also visible in the opening scenes. When the creator of a show envisions a crime drama, he or she has two usual choices. One is to give the viewer a brief picture of the crime and reveal details only as the detectives learn them. This is favoured by Sherlock, CSI and the Mothership. The other choice is to show the viewers a cat and mouse game where the perpetrators are identified early on. This is the approach taken by 24, Criminal Minds and Criminal Intent. I'm not saying that one is better than the other. But it is part of the identity of a show and not something that should suddenly be changed after 12 years!Even if I sound bitter about those two things I'm very glad that there was so much continuity in this season. Warren Leight was definitely trying to keep the show in touch with its roots. I didn't expect to see Calvin Arliss, Simon Marsden, Ken Randall or Brian Cassidy! (He's come a long way from being afraid of buying condoms at a drug store. Anyone want to tell me what he got himself up to in LOCI?)Anyway, I'm doing a crazy amount of rambling so I'll end by listing season 13 episodes that I found awesome. I hope I see more episodes like them in season 14: Personal Fouls, True Believers, Russian Brides, Spiraling Down, Father's Shadow, Justice Denied, Valentine's Day and Rhodium Nights.

In Family Ties, Damon wakes Stefan by manipulating his dreams and creating a nightmare in which Elena becomes the older Salvatore's next victim. He claims that he can do this because of Stefan's animal blood diet. Stefan responds by throwing a knife into Damon's chest, something Damon doesn't seem to feel, and though Damon admits he deserves it, he later stabs Stefan back for ruining one of his John Varvatos shirts. He also used a large mountain lion to cover up his murders, saying he would be staying in town for a while. He's later shown lounging in Caroline's room reading a book from the Twilight series, expressing his distaste for how 'whipped' the character Edward is. When asked why he doesn't 'sparkle' in the sun, he replies that he has a ring, and that it protects him. Caroline wonders if the bite-marks covering her body will turn her into a vampire, and Damon describes the process of turning as an 'ordeal,' explaining it to her casually. Damon also reveals his extreme disregard for human life in this episode: When Caroline asks him if he's going to kill her, he calmly tells her that he will, but not yet. Later in this same episode, Damon is reading on the couch when Zach approaches, asking him why he's in Mystic Falls. When Zach angers him by saying that he always has a motive, Damon holds him up by his neck, further displaying his volatile personality. Stefan arrives to spare Zach before Damon kills him.

They also play a short game of football, during which Stefan tries to convince his brother that their love for Katherine wasn't real. He asks Damon what he wants with Katherine's crystal (the yellow crystal he'd been pursuing so long), and Stefan also reveals that he was the last one to see Katherine the night she was taken away. Damon finally reveals his motivation for returning to their birthplace: "I'm gonna bring her back." He explains that he went to the witch Emily Bennett and begged her to spare Katherine, so the witch magically sealed Katherine in a tomb beneath Fell's Church. He also says that, in order to gather the power into the crystal, Emily used the comet passing overhead that night. Damon even says that the only reason he didn't kill Bonnie to take the crystal is because he promised Emily he would protect her family. When Elena calls Stefan to tell him about Bonnie leaving with the crystal, Damon overhears and vanishes from behind his brother. He confronts Emily (in Bonnie's body) in the woods near Fell's Church. When he nears her, she uses magic to throw him into a tree, where he's speared by a broken tree branch. Stefan arrives and pulls Damon down, but he's shocked to learn that instead of just Katherine, Emily saved twenty-seven vampires in the tomb, which is the reason she stands in the center of the clearing and destroys the crystal. Emily immediately leaves Bonnie's body, but, enraged, Damon bites her. He's seen in the background, grieving the destruction of the crystal, apparently in a state of shock. He's seen again in the very end of the episode, sitting by the church staring sadly into space. 041b061a72




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