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Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia

Star Wars Force Commander Iso Download

Get a force of AT-AAs, AT-PTs and mobile artillery units together. Take out the Tauntauns as soon as they appear. Head northeast. It's extremely important to remember that you only have the units you start with in this mission, so don't be wasteful.Destroy the enemy base's turrets and generator. Capture the Rebel Command Center.Send Vader into the base.

Star Wars Force Commander Iso Download


The Imperial forces will attack your base throughout this mission, so fortifying your base properly is of the utmost importance. Do this with plenty of turrets and make sure you keep calling down reinforcements. Getting some bombers in at this stage is also a good idea. Use infiltrators to capture the advancing AT-ATs. It's best to distract them with an attack while doing this. Once you've steadied the flow, start concentrating your attacks on the enemy Command Centers. Start with the ones closest to you. With several AT-ATs at your disposal, you can build up a formidable strike force. Just make sure you give it plenty of air cover with your Y-wings and that before this happens, you take out the anti-aircraft turrets with your ground forces. When you launch an attack on the palace, take some hover tanks to stop you getting bombed by the TIE bombers.




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