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Jack Brooks

Upgrade your Mac to macOS 12 Monterey with these easy steps

Using Software Update is faster and easier than upgrading by other methods, and it might require less storage space to download and install the upgrade. Software Update shows only upgrades that are compatible with your Mac.

If the macOS that you want isn't compatible with your Mac or the currently installed macOS, the installer will let you know, and the App Store might prevent you from downloading it. For example, it might dim the Get button, say that the macOS is not compatible with this device, or say that the requested version of macOS is not available.

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I upgraded my iMac Late 2013 yesterday to BigSur. Everything went fine and it is working perfectly well. Now when trying to install the latest update (12.0.1), it is downloading, then rebooting and come back at the exact same step (ask to download Monterey and Install). Is there anything I need to do to make it work?

The weird thing is that the installer downloaded from here a few days ago, but the SHA256 sum is completely different. I have a hash sum of the file:SHA256 (Install_macOS_12.0-21A5534d.dmg) = e87d1ac8e8fe8a144ac40c8e5e35847a4e6e8459e6be0cffd09b82871ccaa941

How did you install from InstallAssistant.pkg? If i install from InstallAssistant.pkg I only get a 32 MB Application Installer which complaints that it need to download additional content, which is not possible.

Thank you Thomas, I will edit that section to clarify that the USB installer part is broken. Quick question, did it install pretty quickly or did the install part before it restarted take a while like it was downloading?

The new Oracle Technology Network License Agreement for Oracle Java SE is substantially different from prior Oracle JDK licenses. The new license permits certain uses, such as personal use and development use, at no cost -- but other uses authorized under prior Oracle JDK licenses may no longer be available. Please review the terms carefully before downloading and using this product. An FAQ is available here.

Before you download macOS Monterey, one thing you should keep in mind. The installation might erase data. If you create a bootable media and install macOS, your data will be deleted from your hard drive. This is why it is vital to back up your data before you install macOS.

You can get macOS 12 with the help of InstallAssistant.pkg. It is a handy tool that makes it easy to download and install the macOS Ventura, Monterey, and Big Sur. Open the package, select the "Download macOS Monterey" option, and follow the on-screen instructions. The process is straightforward and only takes a few minutes.

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macOS Monterey is a free update that adds a number of new features and improvements to macOS, including a redesigned Lock screen, new CarPlay features, and an improved Messages app. The macOS Monterey download is available now in this post. Just get this operating system and enjoy its features.

MySQL Cluster Community Edition is available as a separate download. The reason for this change is so that MySQL Cluster can provide more frequent updates and support using the latest sources of MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition.

For Windows users, after the Eclipse Installer executable has finished downloading it should beavailable in your download directory. Start the Eclipse Installer executable.You may get a security warning to run this file. If the Eclipse Foundation isthe Publisher, you are good to select Run.

If you believe that the downloading process was faulty, you may contact Yamaha, and Yamaha shall permit you to re-download the SOFTWARE, provided that you first destroy any copies or partial copies of the SOFTWARE that you obtained through your previous download attempt. This permission to re-download shall not limit in any manner the disclaimer of warranty set forth in Section 5 below.

In exceptional cases, it can be useful to install an older version. For this purpose, previous installers can be downloaded using the links below. These files are not available in the Steinberg Download Assistant anymore.

This installer includes the PostgreSQL server, pgAdmin; a graphical tool for managing and developingyour databases, and StackBuilder; a package manager that can be used to download and installadditional PostgreSQL tools and drivers. Stackbuilder includes management,integration, migration, replication, geospatial, connectors and other tools.

The download links above will attempt to download GIMP from one of our trusted mirror servers. If the mirrors do not work or you would rather download directly from our server, you can get the direct download here.

This download is provided as a convenience for licensed BBEdit 12 customers who are unable to use macOS 10.12.6 or later. If you are running macOS 10.12.6 or later, please use the newest version available, above.

We recommend using AirPrint.If your machine does not support AirPrint, download the Brother iPrint&Scan app from the App Store. For some products, you can download the Brother Original Printer Driver on this site.

That said, bugs are inevitable, so if you're worried about a new software update slowing down your workflow, it doesn't hurt to wait until you've heard that the apps you love run on macOS 12 before you download. That gives you the opportunity to see if other folks are running into trouble with this update.

download first stuck at 12.18, then at 7.56. tried this fix and it worked. according to progress bar, download started from the beginning but proceeded very rapidly until it was well advanced, then bogged down and finished very slowly. left it running and found it showing restart screen with 'about 10 min remaining.' that went normally until 'less than a minute remaining.' that minute took approximately forever, but the computer seems to be working now.

I've tried doing this a couple of times since it was sent out yesterday at 6pm (GMT) and this is the furthest that the install has gone, the other times it has failed before even starting to download or it would download about 5Gb and then fail. Either way, this is not what we are used to seeing from Apple.

Ex: got same behavior (Stuck on 12.18GB) disconnect network (update progress bar disappear and a message appears saying that some issue regarding network occurred), connect network again. Check for update, click upgrade button. Progress bar starts to grow fast (checking already downloaded data) until certain point with will stop and really start to download the remain data.

On my 3rd iteration of your method (about the 7th iteration overall). Each time I disconnect from internet the download moves fast at first then slows down at an earlier point in the download than the earlier download. It's been setting on the same 12.18gb set point for the last hour plus. Only reason I am upgrading to Big Sur is that the upgrade to Catalina scrogged up my late 2015 iMac and I am trying to salvage the machine to where it's somewhat usable. I'm going to let it run overnight and see where we are in the AM.

Yes it happened the same to me. When the download moves fast it means that this is the part of data that really downloaded. And is just checking the data. then when becomes slow it means that is the data that was left and is downloading starting from that point. You will notice that that download will increase little by little...

So it's two days, later - Nov 15 and I'm getting the same issue maybe ten times. Your solution doesn't start things mid stream for me, it starts over, but much faster, almost like it has some of the download buffered. But yet, after about three minutes, we're stuck again at 12.18. Pretty sure when I die, St. Peter will say good news - you've been granted access to heaven, just as soon as the final bits of your download are complete.

Did repeated attempts work for you? I am up to about ten tries, and I'm not noticing anything different about my 12.18 stuck points. I can imagine there is one computer system at Apple serves up the final bit of data and that system is overloaded or not working. A better system on apple's part would be to give us a message that things are overloaded and to come back later rather than tease us with a partial download.

I now have restarted the computer pressing down command and R before the chime to enter recovery mode and run disk utility's first aid and then Reinstall Big Sur utility. Right now it looks like it is either downloading or running the install with 18 minutes remaining. I also connected the computer via ethernet cable in addition to WiFi just in case the issue was a faulty (unlikely) wireless connection.

This directory contains binaries for the base distribution and of R and packages to run on macOS. R and package binaries for R versions older than 4.0.0 are only available from the CRAN archive so users of such versions should adjust the CRAN mirror setting ( accordingly.Note: Although we take precautions when assembling binaries, please use the normal precautions with downloaded executables.

Please check the integrity of the downloaded package by checking the signature: pkgutil --check-signature R-4.3.1.pkg in the Terminal application. If Apple tools are not avaiable you can check the SHA1 checksum of the downloaded image: openssl sha1 R-4.3.1.pkgLatest release: For Apple silicon (M1/M2) Macs: R-4.3.1-arm64.pkg SHA1-hash: 14c018ff54f7f5bb37c1d96b33207343b83e9345 (ca. 90MB, notarized and signed) For older Intel Macs: R-4.3.1-x86_64.pkg SHA1-hash: 1af8f055a601d5de5dfefdb3956ecc8f745c2401 (ca. 92MB, notarized and signed) R 4.3.1 binary for macOS 11 (Big Sur) and higher, signed and notarized packages. Contains R 4.3.1 framework, GUI 1.79, Tcl/Tk 8.6.12 X11 libraries and Texinfo 6.8. The latter two components are optional and can be ommitted when choosing "custom install", they are only needed if you want to use the tcltk R package or build package documentation from sources.macOS Ventura users: there is a known bug in Ventura preventing installations from some locations without a prompt. If the installation fails, move the downloaded file away from the Downloads folder (e.g., to your home or Desktop)




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