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Parker Garcia

Buy Felt Letter Board

Menu letter boards are commercial quality used in schools, offices, restaurants, and governments agencies. The letter board is made from thick high-density fiberboard for long-lasting results. Our felt letter boards are in stock or can be custom-made in a variety of sizes and colors within five days. The felt letter boards are used for indoor areas and have a rich, velvety look, and have grooves to hold the tabbed style letters. The changeable letter menu boards are framed without a case enclosure for areas where access to the posting surface does not need to be lockable. The letter boards are standard black felt and can have a natural oak wood or satin aluminum frame.

buy felt letter board

An menu letter board is an open face sign panel that has felt fabric pleated into grooves that holds changeable letters to spell out messages. The letterboard can be hung on a wall or enclosed in a display cabinet. If the letterboard is not enclosed in a display case it is named an open face letterboard. It is the perfect interior sign for a cafe menu.

The letter board is made from a five-eighths inch thick high density fiberboard with grooves cut on every one-quarter inch increment. The grooves are cut with specialized industrial saws then covered with felt that is pleated into the grooves. The fiberboard is then framed around its perimeter to primarily keep the fabric from unfurling. Specialized glues, equipment and procedures are used for pleating and wood or metal framing. We produce commercial grade letterboards for schools, restaurants, government agencies, churches and synagogues. These are not DIY home decor signs used on Instagram.

The letterboard is framed with either a three-quarter inch aluminum band or one inch solid wood frame. We do not offer any other custom framing options but customers have taken letterboards to local frame shops for creative options. Some customers have inset the letterboards into displays or cabinetry and held in place with a rabbet joint.

You can upgrade an old or neglected letter board without having to pay for a new one with a custom size letter board panel. Or you can change your existing enclosed board to an information center but adding an insert panel. We offer custom felt or vinyl letter boards in different sizes and colors. We can cut the board to your specifications on one-quarter inch increments and the size of the board includes an aluminum band. The largest panel we can produce is 48" x 72".

We offer the most popular size letterboards from small mugshot photo props to full sheets. The largest letterboard that can be produced is forty-eight by ninety-six inches. For larger sizes the sheets need to be paneled together. We can custom cut the letterboard to your specifications. Please call for details.

The size of the letter board you should get depends on several factors such as what is the purpose or message of the sign, where will the message board be located, what is the viewing distance of the letterboard, and how many letters need to be on the board. A three-quarter inch letter is the most popular size and can easily be read from about ten feet. You can then select a letterboard size that is proportional to the area where it will be mounted and large enough to display your changeable letter message.

The larger the letterboard, the more characters that can be displayed. The larger the character, the fewer letters can be displayed. Because letter characters are different sizes and shapes we cannot provide an exact count of characters per letterboard. But as a rule of thumb, multiply the letterboard size in square inches and that is how many three-quarter inch letters it can hold with leading and margins.

Letter board letters are available in sizes of one-half inch, three-quarter inch, one inch, one and one-half inch and two inches. Single tabbed letters can hold along any groove on the letter board but may hang askew. Double tabbed letter sets can span across multiple grooves and grip precisely.

The grooves of a letterboard are cut horizontally so the letterboard is designed to hang in either portrait or landscape view. The letterboard can only hang on a wall by the way in which it was designed. You cannot hang the letterboard in a rotated position because the grooves will go vertically and the letters would be read from a sideway position. We name the measurement from left to right its width. We name the measurement from top to bottom its height. There are hangers on the back of the menu letter board for easy installation.

Can you get a custom color felt and vinyl colors? Felt is used for indoor letterboards and vinyl is used for outdoor letterboards or any humid environment. Felt letter boards are used for indoor areas and have a rich velvety look. Vinyl letter boards are washable and easily cleans with soap and water. Vinyl also resists mildew and humidity for longer product life.

Letterboard letters have tabs that push into grooves cut into felt letter boards. The tabs can be along both the top and bottom of the letters or just along the top or bottom of the letters. Some letter boards are poorly made or have absorbed humidity that causes the groove to swell. The letter tabs will break when forcefully pushed into swollen or misaligned letter board grooves.

Spell out messages on your very own letter board to show off your style and showcase your thoughts. Black Felt Letter Board With White Letters is a simple piece with a natural colored MDF frame and black felt ridges which are the perfect size to hold the included white letters. Make fun notes to fit the season, the day, or to display year-round!

Due to its unfinished nature, ALL SALES OF THIS PRODUCT ARE FINAL. While we always take great care to package the boards with as much protection as possible, please understand unfurling or possible edges being frayed may occur during transit. Most times the material can be pushed back into the grooves.

Open Face Felt Letter Board UN-FRAMEDThese frameless, felt, changeable letterboard display panels allow you to add your frame border or insert it into a display. Insert plastic letters, numbers, and symbols into Felt Letter Board and make quick and easy changes to your message, business, or personal announcements.

Letter Boards Include Changeable Plastic CharactersPlastic letters are placed on a grooved felt panel board and can display various messages, including; schedules, menus, directories, products & prices, lists, and events. Felt Letter Board options include several plastic letter sizes and various felt colors.

A Variety of Felt Letterboard ColorsWe offer felt letter boards in 6 grooved felt letter boards, available in Black, Blue, Burgundy, Green, Grey, and white to complement wide-ranging interior decors and indoor spaces.

At first, I just used the fabric bag that the letters came in and took forever to sort through them for my quotes. Then I got smarter and I bought two of these super affordable plastic bins and organized my letters alphabetically. I talk more about how I organized my letter board letters here.

I also made my own letter board accessories with clay! You can check out that tutorial here. Side note, I really needed to use a lint roller on this board! Its pretty obvious with a black letter board.

My favorite place to buy letter boards is on Amazon! If you get a 1010 inch size, you can get them for as low as $15 depending on the color! And speaking of color, you can get them in pretty much any shade of the rainbow-

I have a light pink letter board that I got for around $20. The white letter board I have is also from Amazon. Its the Heidi Swapp brand and I love it! Its bigger so you can put nice big quotes on it, which makes it a little more expensive. I just love the white frame and the large size.

Alright, there are my very best letter board tips and tricks. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Gorgeous, sturdy letterboard! Totally obsessed with it. Really great value for a high-quality letter board and all the letters and punctuation! Beautiful grey color & comes packaged beautifully too, which is a wonderful touch from this family-owned business. So happy I chose this board from Felt Like Sharing.

I previously purchased the light pink one and fell immediately in love! Such great quality I had to get the gray one. I am so grateful with the quality of the letters as well. Sturdy! As a blogger, these boards come in handy so much and it makes EVERYTHING more fun.

3. Place the felt onto the cardboard and run craft glue or hot glue along the ridges. Press down firmly on the felt to sandwich it in between the cardboard ridges. I used hot glue on my letter board to save time, but I found that craft glue allows a little more room in each ridge when you are putting the letters on at the end.

16" x 20" Felt Letter Board with Light Oak Wood Stained Frame and White 1" Letter Set. Spell out important messages or announcements with our Indoor Open Faced Letterboards with Traditional aluminum frames. These boards offer a timeless method of creating personalized statements in a public setting. The letterboard surface creates a contrast with the white letters, making messages pop and easier for people to notice. The traditional design of the frame also alerts those passing by that the board contains crucial information, giving direction to the public. Inserting the letters is an effortless and quick experience, since our boards are carefully crafted with precise felt grooves. The grooves also make sure that the letters are sturdy and stay in place. 041b061a72




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