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Jack Brooks
Jack Brooks

Official Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Lite SM-G313H Stock Rom

  • Open Notepad & Save the file as firmware.txt (Example: firmware.txt). Replace the text in bold with your serial number (found at bottom of the box) and press Save. You will need the following things: Prerequisite Knowledge

  • Hardware Required to Install Firmware

  • Firmware File.txt (Downloaded from My Samsung)

  • USB (Installation Instructions Below)

  • Firmware Update (Downloaded from My Samsung)


Official Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Lite SM-G313H Stock Rom

The Galaxy Tab A7 Lite features a 9.7inch display that's slightly larger than the one on the Galaxy Tab A, but has a similar 16:10 aspect ratio. Its 1080p resolution and super-wide viewing angles make it suitable for watching movies, but if you can live without the wide color gamut, the Tab A7's FHD display is about a tenth of a millimeter better at displaying darker colors, plus it costs a few hundred dollars less.

Samsung Tab A7 Lite Aspire 3 With Touch Screen Full HD 16GB 64GB 4GB Android 7.0 AT&T 4G LTE Android 7.0 (EMUI 5.1.1) No Yes No No No 2.85lbs 1.56mm 0.293inch 0.8575inch 0.156mm 0.73in 0.315mm 0.155in 0.658mm 0.153in 0.965mm 0.293in 2.85lbs AT&T Battery Life 11.90 hours (LTE) 13.30 hours (CDMA) 7.40 hours (GSM) 4.50 hours (UMTS) 43.60 hours (LTE) 16.20 hours (CDMA) 13.70 hours (GSM) 10.20 hours (UMTS) 44.40 hours (LTE) 12.40 hours (CDMA) 13.50 hours (GSM) 9.20 hours (UMTS) 45.00 hours (LTE) 12.10 hours (CDMA) 13.90 hours (GSM) 8.40 hours (UMTS) 45.90 hours (LTE) 10.10 hours (CDMA) 12.60 hours (GSM) 7.60 hours (UMTS) 46.80 hours (LTE) 7.70 hours (CDMA) 8.70 hours (GSM) 5.30 hours (UMTS) 46.90 hours (LTE) 7.50 hours (CDMA) 8.50 hours (GSM) 5.20 hours (UMTS) Official Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Lite SM-G313H Stock Rom Retail for about $399, the Tab A7 Lite is a bit pricey, but like the Tab A, it's a good compromise between an inexpensive tablet and a laptop. With its bright, sharp display and stronger performance than the Kindle Fire HD 8, it's definitely worth buying for your reading and spending time.




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