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Jack Brooks
Jack Brooks

WhereIsIt.v3.93.Build.619(with Licence)Revenge Download

the overview of the enemy generation system for the v3.93 release. in this version, we changed the enemy generation system to a non-deterministic one. most of the changes happen in the sections between 5000 and 5999. the first impression is excellent: (source) . you can even plug different mainboard configurations to change the range of different factory settings. you can even change the range of different engines. you can even change the range of different turbines. moreover, ive fixed some missing/incorrect options, and made some other changes.

WhereIsIt.v3.93.Build.619(with licence)Revenge download

on a summer's day you were lost in the forest and then a man from the village came to help and told you the village is over there. then he led you to a tall tree and a strange ball was hanging from the tree. the man dropped the ball and you were able to pick it up.

the ball has the power of the village and that is why you were able to find the village using it. if the village is in danger the ball automatically starts vibrating and has the power to teleport you and all the inhabitants of the village to another location. once the village is safe the ball becomes still. the ball is made from wood and only one village can have it. without the ball you would get lost in the forest.

the ball is one of the most unique inventions of the man from the village. the government could not believe he invented something so special. the government wants to steal the ball but they don't know how it works. they tried to capture the man but he escaped. now that the government knows the village and it's inhabitants are protected by the ball they can't control them. the government has finally realised that the man who can control the ball is the one they need.




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