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Jack Brooks
Jack Brooks

Immortal !LINK!

If services need to run on behalf other system user www, nobody, www-data,not root, immortal should be compiled from source for the desiredtarget/architecture, otherwise, this error may be returned:



To stop/start/restart all depends on how you started the process if using immortaldir the easy way is just to remove the run.yml or rename it to run.yml-off from the directory that you passed as an argument or defined when calling immortaldir (probably /etc/immortal) check How to install & setup for more details

When using immortaldir the options exit or halt will behave more like a restart, they indeed are exiting or halting (stopping and exiting the supervisor) but immortaldir will bring your application up again since the idea is to keep your application always running.

Like all of my mods it's just a very simple edit to the game's data. This addon adds a single line to the companion config file making them immortal. The most work i actually did on this mod was the thumbnail.

Hip is a Stormtrooper, runs off 300 meters away and fires hundreds of bullets at anything she detects on the entire map. Totally blows my cover on any stealth approach. But can not hit the side of a barn with my best upgraded sniper rifle that I give her. Then gets her self killed so I will fail her mission for Sid. At least if she is immortal she won't die while I go chase her down and drag her back to the mission we are supposed to be doing. I had her fixed and acting right a couple years ago but I lost the files. Someday I may go fix her again and back up the files this time.

making companions and story-essential charakters immortal BUT not making them overpowered in a fight by letting them go down, being unable to help you but getting back up as soon as the fight is over. that makes them actually valuable as a mule to carry your stuff around and you don't have to worry about the sometimes ****** ai ******* up defending against a tushkano or something. especially for essential characters this would be kind of necessary, because i seen a cat almost killing sultan an he just stood there and did nothing although he has a pistol. 041b061a72




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