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Parker Garcia
Parker Garcia

Buy Tom Ford Suit

As the former creative director for Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, Ford is one of the most prominent and influential designers of the 21st century thus far. His suits and sport coats are generally designed with a heavily structured shoulder and he was an early adopter of the inevitable return to wide lapels.

buy tom ford suit


Now before you clothing connoisseurs break out your pitchforks and torches and march down 17th street, you should know that I didn't take knife to a perfectly good suit. In fact, some unknown Judas stabbed the jacket in the back:

The little dots on the fused part are glue spots that I pulled apart from the fabric. I was a surprised by this and went back to see how the others were constructed. The Z Zegna was also fused, but the Jos. A. Bank was stitched. So why would a $500 suit be stitched and a $4,000 suit be fused? The fusing was much thicker and stiffer than usual, so clearly it was there to add substance and heft to the collar. I remembered that the collar was self-faced rather than using the standard felt as discussed above. Ironically, this seemingly fancy detail required the use of a heavier than usual material inside the collar to accommodate the missing felt. It seems that a thick material could still have been stitched to the collar, rather than fused, but maybe they were afraid the blind stitching would be visible.

All in all, the Tom Ford suit was superior in almost every way to the $500 Jos. A. Bank and the $1,500 Z Zegna and really is a nice garment. And that brings us to the $4,000 question: Is the price appropriate for the quality? That's tough to answer. I can say for certain that there are other comparable brands in this price range, so compared to their main competition, I don't think the price is outlandish. Full line Ermenegildo Zegna and Isaia are similarly priced and Kiton and Brioni are decidedly more expensive. But these are internationally esteemed fashion houses that are able to charge enormous prices because of prestige.

As you might have suspected, in addition to finding suit construction interesting, I also have an ulterior motive for doing these tear-downs: My fully canvassed suits, made in Italy, that retail at $1,495 have superior construction to Tom Ford's (I expected them to be about the same) and thoroughly surpass the quality of the made in Mexico Z Zegna at the same price. So if you subtract out prestige, then Tom Ford and the like are a pretty poor value.

An aura of ambrette seed imparts warmth with woody inflections of Peru balsam. The soft scent of vanilla and creamy sandalwood layer an addictive, contrasting finish that further drives the metallic suiting of the open.

I believe that Ombre Leather is the best marketing decision Tom Ford has ever done. First, Ombre Leather 2016 was very close to Tuscan Leather with the same price point, and it got discontinued in favor of placing it into a new release as a Signature line fragrance for an affordable price.

FRESHFresh family is the most crowd-pleasing of them all, and the only one that equally leans both on the masculine and feminine side. Perfumes have never been more affordable and accessible than they are now, and fresh scents are dominating the market since the early 90s.

Tom Ford is a designer perfume brand that offers affordable and expensive perfumes. Signature collection targeted to a more mainstream audience, while Private Blend line is more expensive with higher-quality ingredients and is loved by fragrance enthusiasts.

Nothing says success like a suit, and to make sure you convey the pinnacle of success, you need Tom Ford suits for men. With ten years of creative director of the Gucci Group under his belt, plus the massive success of his own brand and even an Academy-Award nominated movie made by his own studio, it's clear that Tom Ford has made an incredible career for himself, so who knows what will happen when you wear one of his suits.

Not every suit is ideal for every occasion, but there is a Tom Ford suit for any occasion. For formal events, a suit with a shawl lapel is the best choice, whereas notch lapels are for casual events. Suits with peak lapels sit in the middle, and can class up a casual get-together or work in a formal setting. You can also choose between the classic two-piece suit and the three-piece.

While the most common suit colour is black, it isn't a requirement for a suit to be black in order to be finely made or sharp looking. Grey is an excellent suit colour, as it pairs nicely with nearly as many hues as black does, and its lighter shade is ideal for casual or eveningwear. Tom Ford also offers navy blue and Airforce blue suits for those who would like something other than a neutral colour.

The material of a suit is important not just because of the weather, but style as well. Tom Ford 100 percent wool suits for men are an ideal all-around suit, fitting in at job interviews, work, and all sorts of events. Cotton suits are typically for summer and casual events. For the daring, there are silk and leather suits.

Gucci took to Hollywood to present its new fashion show, but not without inviting the biggest stars to the front row. One stellar example? Gwyneth Paltrow, who showed up in the iconic red velvet suit that she wore to the 1996 MTV Music Awards.Well, sort of. The Goop founder (and big Fendi x SKIMS fan) was actually wearing a new version of the suit, which was originally designed by Tom Ford for the Gucci Fall/Winter 1996 collection.

All three suits share masculine shapes, well cut peaked lapels and jacket proportions. Furthermore, the Savile Row suits, if anything, are better balanced designs which whilst exuding elegant, still contain intriguing elements of experimentation; turn-back cuffs, an exaggerated waist and chunky pocket jets on the Chittleborough & Morgan suit and a sharp, long sweeping line through the body and very striking, strong roped shoulders on the Gieves & Hawkes. Savile Row is simply offering a more individualistic and intricately crafted product, rooted in generations of tailoring expertise and I think this shows in the comparable sophistication of the Savile Row products. Tom Ford suits are ostentatious and brash, they strain against the self-consciously bulging biceps of their owners, whilst Savile Row suits flow around the curves of the body with an elegance that simply speaks of understated luxury and style.

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